dinsdag, mei 1


De laatste post was achteraf een mooie om de laatste te laten zijn.
Ik stop met stefansblog. Ik maak een nieuwe, op verzoek stuur ik je de URL. 


donderdag, april 26

Vakantie, vanaf volgende week dinsdag weer nieuwe dingen.

woensdag, april 18

klik voor dowloadLuister naar de nieuwe MM

Woensdagavond 18 04 2012 presenteerde Miss Montreal haar nieuwe album in poptempel Paradiso. I Am Hunter, zoals het nieuwe album heet, kwam vandaag uit. Frontvrouw Sanne Hans heeft aan het album gewerkt met Amerikaanse songschrijvers en producers Nate Campany en Joshua Crosby. Met haar band vertrok ze vervolgens naar Nashville voor de opnames van het album. De ervaring die zij met haar twee eerdere albums Miss Montreal en So… Anything Else, heeft opgedaan heeft ervoor gezorgd dat Sanne zelfverzekerd genoeg is om voor I Am Hunter zelf de regie in handen te nemen. Mirror, speedyshare hier, klik.

dinsdag, april 17

Luister naar Dar Williams

De Amerikaanse singer-songwriter Dar Williams maakt sinds het begin van de jaren 90 platen. Heel bekend is ze er helaas niet mee geworden, maar in kleine kring worden vrijwel al haar platen gekoesterd.

The initial idea came in a flash. Dar Williams was driving on an isolated highway, crossing from New York into Ontario, surrounded by frozen fields, silver trees, and empty sky, when inspiration struck. “I thought, ‘I want to write a biker song!,’” Williams says with a laugh. “And then my second thought was, ‘I want to write an epic biker song.’ The Greek messenger of the dead is named Hermes, and I want to write about him-the god of travelers and thieves.

With ease and grace, it reminds us that wherever we are, whenever it may be, we are always living In the Time of the Gods. En zo is het. Mirror hier, klik.

zondag, april 15

Klik hier voor de train naar California

Na de comeback in 2010 waar Train met 'Hey Soul Sister' de grootste hit van dat jaar te pakken had, is het in 2012 tijd voor een nieuw album van de band. Op 13 April zal 'California 37' verschijnen, waarvan de eerste single 'Drive By' ook al snel naar #1 steeg in de Nederlandse Airplay Charts. Aan de titel van zowel het album als de single blijkt dat het roadtrip gevoel sterk aanwezig is bij deze plaat.

'California 37', de weg die San Francisco verbindt met de wijnstreken van die regio, belichaamt verder alles wat belangrijk en kenmerkend is voor de band; vrolijke zomerse tracks, de stad San Francisco zelf en hun voorliefde voor een goed glas wijn. Mirror: speedyshare, klik.

vrijdag, april 13

Luister naar de counting crowes, klik.

The Counting Crows successfully navigate that slippery slope some artists slide down when covering other people’s music on their latest album, “Underwater Sunshine.” With one of the most distinctive voices in rock music, Adam Duritz tackles each tune as if it were his own.

Fifteen cover songs ranging from the obscure to the popular comprise the album, including ones written by the likes of Bob Dylan and Richard Thompson, as well as newer material by bands like Romany Rye. Duritz caught their show last year at the SXSW Music Festival and was impressed by their “Untitled (Love Song),” so he decided to record it. Since it’s a relatively unheard song, the album opens with the feel of a Crows album.

CHECK THIS TRACK OUT: The rockabilly Dylan tune “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” is one of the record’s bounciest cuts.
Zippyshare mirror.

dinsdag, april 10

Luister naar Uriah 2012

This collection features six of Classic Rock Magazine's selection of all-time essential Uriah Heep tracks, culled from their prolific output throughout the band's entire, lengthy career. A massive keyboard sound, piercing lead guitar, strong harmonies, and near-operatic vocals are among the distinctive features of UH's unique brand of progressive hard rock.

Twelve of the band s albums climbed into the UK Album Charts, and 15 penetrated the Billboard Top 200. Having sold over 30 million albums worldwide, the band maintains a significant following and still performs at arenas and venues around the world.
Zippyshare mirror hier, klik.

maandag, april 9

Hier was ik bij, het was keigaaf.

Klik hier voor de NMA player

Recorded live at the 2004 Bonnaroo Festival, this North Mississippi Allstars record is a family affair. The concert is an endless parade of both blood relatives and community-related musicians, all of whom hail from the same area of Mississippi. The family lines are represented by the Dickinsons (Allstars Luther and Cody, and their father Jim), the Burnsides (Duwayne, Garry, Cody, and R.L.), and Othar Turner's descendents (Turner's Rising Star Fife & Drum Band made some of the earliest and most compelling music to emerge from the region). There are also a few "extended family" members thrown in for good measure.

The set kicks off with a version of Fred McDowell's "Shake 'Em on Down," proving this crew knows their history. Modern blues legend R.L. Burnside guests on a handful of his own tunes, including "Jumper on the Line" and "Snake Drive," while his grandson Cody raps on the hard-driving "Be So Glad." For all of the music's deep blues roots, though, the Allstars play with the technical flash of a rock band, lending sophistication to the proceedings.

Let op, dit is geen gewone CD, dit is pure klasse.
Luister hier, nieuw venstertje, klik.

A native of Brisbane, Australia, singer/songwriter Shane Nicholson first gained public attention as the lead-singer/guitarist for the rock band Pretty Violet Stain. Interested in music from a young age, Nicholson formed the band while in high school and eventually they released their debut album Parachutes and Gravity on Warner in 2000. Ultimately, Nicholson parted ways with the band and released his debut solo album It's a Movie on Virt in 2003. The album also featured a duet with Australian country star Kasey Chambers, whom Nicholson eventually married. His sophomore effort, Faith and Science, followed in 2006.

Bad Machines is uit 2012. Mirror hier, zippyshare klik.

zondag, april 8

Kevin Gordon luisteren, klik.

Kevin Gordon’s voice is made from dust and red clay. And the songs on the Louisiana-born performer’s sweeping new album Gloryland are chiseled from the bedrock of life — the honest facts of rambling, needing, loving, soul-searching and experience.

“I like the unfinished ending — the story that just continues when the song’s over,” says Gordon. “Life never sums itself up in three-and-a-half minutes, and a good song doesn’t need to do that either. But it should tell a story.”

All 11 numbers on Gloryland have an elemental feel — proof that Gordon’s working at the peak of the songwriter’s craft. His characters, from the school kid narrating the coming-of-age yarn “Colfax/Step in Time” to the panhandler in “Trying To Get To Memphis” to the folk artist Pecolia Warner, the subject of his lovely duet with fellow Americana singer-songwriter Sarah Siskind, “Pecolia’s Star,” have a depth and personality that brings Gordon’s songs of the South into sharp focus, even if their essential questions about the mysteries of faith, truth and humanity hang in the air as he moves on to the next tale. zippyshare, mirror, snel ook nog.

zaterdag, april 7

Shooter Jennings -- family man luisteren.

The only son of country legends Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, Shooter Jennings literally spent his childhood on a tour bus. Born Waylon Albright Jennings, Shooter was playing drums by the time he was five years old and had already begun taking piano lessons, only to break them off and follow his own path to an understanding of the instrument.

He discovered guitar at 14 and rock & roll (particularly Southern rock and the loose-limbed hard rock of Guns N' Roses) at 16. Soon he moved from Nashville to L.A., where he assembled a rock band called Stargunn. Stargunn earned a strong local reputation for its live shows, and enjoyed a six- or seven-year run on the L.A. circuit before Jennings rediscovered his outlaw country roots and dissolved the band. Mirror hier, klik.
Luister naar "changed"

It's a fitting tribute to a group that has brought so much to country music and its fans. Jay, Joe Don and Gary see their latest album as the perfect representation of all the elements that go into the music that has given them so much success. "Everything is in this big crock pot called Changed," says Gary with a laugh "It's got meat, potatoes, vegetables—all of it. It's fun, it's poignant, and we think the hard work that went into has really paid off. And we’re very glad to take one more big step down the road." Mirror hier, klik.

donderdag, april 5

Great Gipsy Soul beluisteren.

Greg Hampton (producer of the Tommy Bolin Whips and Roses CDs) and Warren Haynes (Gov’t Mule, Allman Brothers) have co-produced sessions with some of the world’s most famous and revered guitarists and singers for their Tommy Bolin tribute 2-CD set titled Tommy Bolin and Friends - Great Gypsy Soul. Fabrizio Grossi (Whips & Roses I & II, Glenn Hughes) was also on board as Associate Producer/Mix Engineer. It’s been inspiring to learn that all of these legendary guitarists are all fans of Tommy, and were excited to add parts to original Tommy Bolin multitrack tapes that have never been made public. Mirror hier, klikkerdeklik.

zaterdag, maart 31

Luister hier naar de hele CD

Picture perfect memories, Scattered all around the floor

Reaching for the phone 'cause, I can't fight it anymore
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time
It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone And I need you now
Said I wouldn't call, But I lost all control And I need you now
And I don't know how, I can do without I just need you now

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