zondag, juli 31

Stilgevallen ?

Ja, vooralsnog even wel. Heb er even niet zoveel plezier meer in denk ik. Geniet van al het oude, er staat zat.


maandag, juli 18

Dit is een pracht CD.
Pijn en verlangen.

“As soon as I got a microphone in my hand, when I was about 14, I realised I wanted to do this,” she says. “Most people don’t like the way their voice sounds when it’s recorded. I was just so excited by the whole thing that I wasn’t bothered what it sounded like.”
A fan of such diverse artists as Jill Scott, Etta James, Billy Bragg, Peggy Lee, Jeff Buckley and The Cure, Adele’s soul-tinged songs of love’s lost and memories made are set to resonate with all who hear them. “I’ve got no problem explaining what my lyrics are about,” ADELE says. “I really like poetry: I’m not very good at reading it, but I love writing it. Singers like Jill Scott and Karen Dalton are amazing; proper poets.” “My debut album is about being between 18 and 19; about love,” she continues. “‘Daydreamer’ is about this boy I was in love with, like proper in love with. He was bi and I couldn’t deal with that.

All the things I wanted from my boyfriend, he was never going to be. I get really jealous anyway, so I couldn’t fight with girls and boys. It’s quite a sad album, [with songs about] being cheated on and not getting what you want”.
Anchoring it all together is ADELE’s incredible voice. As immediate as it is undeniable, its power is matched only by her Force 10 personality. “I’ve always liked being the centre of attention, yes,” she laughs. ADELE is from a resolutely un-musical family. “It all comes from impersonating The Spice Girls and Gabrielle,” she cheerfully explains. “I did little concerts in my room for my mum and her friends. My mum’s quite arty; she’d get all these lamps and shine them up to make one big spotlight.

vrijdag, juli 15

Time of My Life is an exhilarating, pivotal album from a band bred to exceed expectations every time they step in to the studio. Aptly titled, 3 Doors Down’s fifth career studio effort soars on the collective ethos of a dedicated band doing what they were destined to do. And then some… “We’re a solid, no frills rock band with deep friendships and a good understanding of what it takes to keep the fire going,” declares bassist Todd Harrell.

Translation: They answer only to their fans…and each other.
Front man, Brad Arnold wouldn’t have it any other way. “Friends, road warriors, band of brothers, call us whatever you want,” says the lead vocalist and lyricist, “What makes me so proud of this album is how it seems to put a stamp on all the years, all the ups and downs we’ve been through, and cuts some new ground for us. No matter where we’re at or how we come at you, at our core is still the burning desire to give our fans the best we can give.” And it’s a pact that the core founding-brothers of this Mississippi quintet – Brad Arnold, lead guitarist Matt Roberts, bassist Todd Harrell and guitarist Chris Henderson made way back in grade school.

Back when life was still a ‘pick-up’ game of fast but loyal friends nurturing just a glint of the dream that would eventually make them one of the world’s most respected and enduring rock bands. With the 3 Doors Down shingle hanging 16 years and counting, joined by firebrand drummer Greg Upchurch in 2005, 3 Doors Down remains as true to the inspiring roots forged in those breakout days back in Escatawpa, Mississippi as the day they launched.

dinsdag, juli 12

Blake Shelton is a busy man with a schedule that would cripple mere mortals, thanks to his coaching gig on the ratings juggernaut known as ‘The Voice,’ a brand-new marriage to country sweetheart Miranda Lambert and his sweet, summery and chart-ascending new single ‘Honey Bee’ all filling up his 2011 so far!

But Shelton is no mere mortal, and he has just revealed that his ninth album will be called ‘Red River Blue.’ The album is set for release on July 12.
‘Honey Bee’ is already a Top 10 song at country radio and is Shelton’s fastest rising track to date.

Hit singles are something Shelton is used to, as eight No. 1 hits decorate his resume, and ‘Honey Bee’ appears on track to be his ninth.
Interestingly enough, a few weeks back, it we reported that Shelton and Lambert had recorded a duet called ‘Red River Blue,’ so perhaps including her in the title track of his new album is just another incredibly romantic wedding gift for his new wife. Meanwhile, Shelton continues to effectively (and hilariously) coach his charges on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ every week.

Geschikt spelertje hier. Ja, country dus.

zaterdag, juli 9

In the wake of Cross Canadian Ragweed s decision to part ways, Cody Canada has resurfaced with an armament of musicians and a mission in mind. With his long time Ragweed bandmate, Jeremy Plato (bass), the two made a seamless transition into the world of The Departed, as in Cody Canada & The Departed.

Although The Departed is writing and will record original material, the band s first priority was getting into the studio and cutting the Oklahoma tribute album that Cody had been wanting to do for years. The result is This Is Indian Land. Cody Canada & the Departed is already making waves on the road. With the recording of the album behind them and a brand new year in front, the band has hit the road like only professionals know how to do

vrijdag, juli 8

Pop Evil is an American rock band that was formed in Muskegon, Michigan in 2001 by Leigh Kakaty, Dave Grahs, and Dylan Allison.

Lead guitarist Tony Greve was originally added as a temporary studio musician for the band but was invited to become a full-time member in early 2007. Around that time, bassist Jamie Nummer left the band for personal reasons and was replaced by Matt DiRito, formerly of Archangel.

maandag, juli 4

Heart had a pair of greatest-hits collections to their credit by 1997, but both did not contain all the renowned studio versions of their classic hits from the '70s (both 1980's Heart Greatest Hits: Live on Epic and 1997's Greatest Hits on Capitol contained half studio and half live material).

1998's Greatest Hits on Epic/Legacy finally corrected this once and for all -- collecting all of Heart's '70s studio hits on a single disc. Nearly all of the songs have become classic rock staples, the best-known being the Zep-esque rockers "Crazy on You," "Barracuda," and "Magic Man," while the more subdued acoustic material ("Dreamboat Annie," "Love Alive," "Dog & Butterfly") showcases the immense talents of vocalist Ann Wilson. Other notables include "Kick It Out," "Heartless," "Bebe le Strange," "Straight On," and "Even It Up," while an all-new studio cut recorded in 1998 ("Strong, Strong Wind") and a live cover of Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" from 1980 are included as bonuses.

While Heart may have enjoyed their biggest commercial success in the '80s with pop-oriented material, their more straight-ahead '70s work, showcased on Greatest Hits, has stood the test of time incredibly well.

THE GREENCARDS. From the first notes struck together in 2003 through tours with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson and up to and beyond their fourth studio album in 2009, The Greencards have won steadily escalating acclaim for their multi-dimensional Americana vision.

Each step they've taken has widened their appeal. Their releases have topped the Billboard Bluegrass charts. Two singles have garnered Grammy nominations. They've earned ovations from "newgrass" music devotees at MerleFest and rock loyalists at Lollapalooza.

But this four piece band, spearheaded by Australians Carol Young and Kym Warner, is interested less in past accomplishments than in looking ahead for new goals to achieve. That's why their latest release is also in many ways their most significant and impressive to date.

That immediacy was heightened by the addition of two new members of the group. Tyler Andal, a young fiddle whiz from Tennessee, reinforces both The Greencards' grounding in roots music and eagerness to let in the fresh air of newgrass, rock, folk elements, Latin America and much more. "He thinks outside the box," Warner explains. "We’ve always had a strong rhythmic aspect to our music, and Tyler definitely brings that."

With The Brick Album, though, the world becomes more than ever their stage. Their sound defies category, balancing taste and technique, engaging lyrics and melodies and wildly creative arrangements. There may be a wall on its cover, but the future suggested on these tracks knows no barrier.

Luister hier, prachtig.

zondag, juli 3

Born in Belfast, Van Morrison's father was an avid collector of American blues and jazz records. Morrison grew up listening to AMERICAN music like Leadbelly, Howlin' Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, John Lee Hooker, Mahalia Jackson, and Lightnin' Hopkins. He grew up surrounded by every kind of American musical influence. From the age of 13, he was adept at playing guitar, sax and harmonica and played with a series of local showbands along with Skiffle and Rock 'n' Roll groups, and Brian Rossi at the Plaza Ballroom.

His early love of music, for the music, has certainly paid off.
Morrison's music continues to have that authentic American Blues, Jazz and melodic Folk sound that he loved and listened to in his childhood, long before those early showbands and well before his initial 1964/5 hit records with his band called THEM.

There is a definite theme that recurs throughout the album, especially in the title track.
This record does not boast the big horns of some of Morrison's previous work. But, don't let the title fool you. Keep it SIMPLE is EVERYTHING but SIMPLE - it is a Multi-faceted record filled with mystical layers of sound -start to finish -with Songs from the Soul and gorgeous melodies, rich with emotion, depth and beauty. -truly a record that has something for everyone.

Released in 1978, "Wavelength," though not amoung Van Morrison's all time best, is still one of his more engaging albums. It takes the basic formula of his classic "Moondance" and updates it with longer songs (though admittedly they are one the whole not as strong as "Moondance"). The album kicks off with the spirited "Kingdom Hall" and then moves on to such other excellent tracks as "Sante Fe/Beautiful Obsession," "Hungry for Your Love," "Venice U.S.A." and the wonderfully perky title track. Morrison has never sounded better as a vocalist and in retrospect he was just warming up for his late 70s masterpiece "Into the Music" that would follow a year later.

vrijdag, juli 1

ALYSON AVENUE was formed in 1989 by a couple of friends who intended to play melodic rock in the way TREAT and EUROPE amongst others did. At that time ALYSON AVENUE had a male vocalist. Anette was taken in to the band as a Back up singer but did a great job on a demo recording and then became a permanent member of the band soon after the band was founded.

With a female vocalist the similarities of the band’s sound used to be compared with HEART & ROBIN BECK. The music drifted towards a much more “poppier” sound for a while but at the rehearsals you could hear the band playing everything from Hard Rock to even Soul. When playing live ALYSON AVENUE always had concentrated to perform AOR & Hard Rock only though.

After Anettes departure to NIGHTWISH the rest of the Band toyed with the idea of starting a new Male Fronted AOR-Band but those ideas where eventually scrapped and the search of a new Female Vocalist started.
In 2009 Arabella Vitanc joined the band on Lead Vocals giving the band new energy to start the work on the 3:rd Alyson Avenue record.

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