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The Bridge will release their fifth studio album National Bohemian on February 1, 2011 through Woodberry Records/Thirty Tigers.

For the latest effort, we’ve enlisted Grammy Award-winning producer and Los Lobos multi-instrumentalist Steve Berlin to join the band behind the boards.

Ranging from the sonically dense, voodoo-tinged rock of “Sanctuary” to the modern day murder ballad “Moonlight Mission,” the 11-track collection is shaped by the dynamics that distinguish the band’s two principle songwriters Cris Jacobs and Kenny Liner.

Jacobs delivers Dixie-drenched southern soul, while Liner’s approach is steeped in swaggering American roots music.

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Wir sind Helden (vaak afgekort tot WsH) is een Duitstalige popband uit Hamburg, tegenwoordig woonachtig in Berlijn. In 2002 werd de band nationaal bekend in Duitsland. Ook in de Benelux heeft de band enige bekendheid, onder meer door het optreden op Pinkpop in 2005, en concerten in verschillende Nederlandse steden.

De band werd in 2001 opgericht. In 2002 bereikte het lied Guten Tag (Reklamation) de Duitse hitparades, een jaar later gevolgd door het album Die Reklamation. Dit album werd een van de best verkopende platen in Duitsland in 2003 en 2004. De opvolger, Von hier an blind, bereikt in 2005 bij binnenkomst al de nummer-1-positie. De derde single van dat album, met dezelfde titel Von hier an blind, is niet alleen in het Duits maar ook in het Engels, Frans en Japans verschenen.

Eind maart 2007 is de derde album "Soundso" op de Duitse markt gebracht. Op 27 april verscheen de eerste single "Endlich Ein Grund Zur Panik". Opvolger is de single "Soundso" van het gelijknamige album uitgebracht in juni 2007. Wir sind Helden wordt een grote invloed toegekend. Ze worden gezien als voorloper van een beweging van Duitse popmuziek, de Neue Deutsche Welle, met onder meer Silbermond en Juli.

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Amos Lee is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His musical style encompasses folk, soul, and jazz.

He has released three albums on Blue Note Records, "Amos Lee", "Supply and Demand" and "Last Days at the Lodge". He has been on tour with musicians such as Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Norah Jones, Paul Simon, Merle Haggard, John Prine, and Dave Matthews Band. Lee performs with drummer Fred Berman and bassist Jaron Olevsky.

Some of his musical influences include Stevie Wonder, John Prine, Bill Withers, and James Taylor.
"Mission Bell" is an album by musician Amos Lee. It was released on January 25, 2011.

The album features Willie Nelson, Lucinda Williams, Priscila Ahn, Pieta Brown, James Gadson, and Calexico as guests on the album.

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Vergis je niet.
Dit is goed zelfs als je niet van de blues bent.

The concept was breathtaking in its simplicity: take three European artists in thrall to the blues, and send them off to record in Clarkesdale, Mississippi, Memphis, and New Orleans. Unfortunately, that latter destination was never reached; Katrina put an end to that dream, and instead, the bulk of this set was cut in a recovering Mississippi, with a few numbers also recorded in Memphis.

In both studios the threesome were joined by a clutch of artists, which may explain the extreme diversity of this album, which swings from Delta blues to much more modern-styled R&B.

But this is a Pilgrimage of course, and Brits Aynsley Lister and Ian Parker and Finn Erja Lyytinen seem determined to explore every facet of blues and its descendants. And the styles impact elsewhere, too, as Lister and Parker's own country's twist on R&B and the blues infuse their songs.

woensdag, januari 26 is een van oorsprong Zweedse online muziekdienst, met het hoofdkantoor in Engeland. Met een aanbod van meer dan10 miljoen tracks heeft deze dienst vrijwel zeker bijna alle muziek die jij zoekt. Je kunt met Spotify niet downloaden, het is beperkt tot online afspelen, streams dus. Dat klinkt misschien als een nadeel, maar dat werkt in Spotify zo soepel dat het voelt alsof die miljoenen tracks op je harde schijf staan, een unieke ervaring.

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Ik kwam een oudje tegen.

Aanraders in de preview: "Wheels" en "Dixie storms". Echt even luisteren want ze zijn te mooi om te missen. Lieve groet, SJD.

The roots rock band Lone Justice was formed in Los Angeles by guitarist Ryan Hedgecock and singer Maria McKee. The half-sister of Bryan MacLean, a member of the seminal psychedelic outfit Love, McKee's involvement in the L.A. club scene dated back to her infancy; at the age of three, she joined MacLean at a performance at the famed Whisky-a-Go-Go and was befriended by Frank Zappa and members of the Doors.

As a teen, she studied musical theater, and briefly performed in duos with MacLean and local blues singer Top Jimmy. McKee and Hedgecock first met while dabbling in the L.A. rockabilly scene, and their mutual affection for country music inspired them to found Lone Justice in 1982.

Initially, the group was strictly a cover band, but the additions of veteran bassist Marvin Etzioni and Don Heffington, a former drummer in Emmylou Harris' Hot Band, prompted McKee to begin composing original material inspired by Dust Bowl-era balladry. Gradually, elements of rock began creeping into the Lone Justice sound as well, and soon the band became a local favorite.

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Texas singer/songwriter Charlie Robison was born in Houston and raised on his family's ranch in the town of Bandera;

absorbing the music he heard on the local honky tonk scene, he and brother Bruce -- later an acclaimed performer in his own right -- were also brought up on artists ranging from Black Sabbath to Gram Parsons to Bruce Springsteen.

After discovering the thriving music scene in nearby Austin at age 15, Robison began writing his own material, drawing equal influence from rock and country; stints in the bands Chaparral and Two Hoots & a Holler followed, and he also joined the Millionaire Playboys, an all-star Austin ensemble. After contributing to albums from Alejandro Escovedo and Kelly Willis, Robison made his solo debut in 1995

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Allison Moorer's
studio albums often seem like private rooms of desire.

However, on this live CD, recorded in a Nashville club in early 2003, the flame-haired singer-songwriter brings everything out into the open. In reprising such favorites as "Alabama Song" and "A Soft Place to Fall," she edges her alto beyond lush chanteuse levels to find her considerable rock and blues chops. "Maybe that'll be my first hit single," she cracks after the well-received and hard-charging "I'll Break Before I Bend."

Sister Shelby Lynne drops by for three engaging duets, including the blistering "Going Down" and a gospel prayer to their slain mother ("Is Heaven Good Enough For You"). A more surprising guest is Kid Rock ("Bully Jones"), who spoils the blood-and-danger mood with his drunken party vibe. Why he's here at all is a mystery because Moorer's a mesmerizing Show all her own.

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John Carter Cash is an American Country music-singer, author, songwriter and producer. In case you don't know, John Carter Cash is the son of Johnny Cash and June Carter. He has more than his share of country and folk Grammys for his production work on his father's and mother's albums, and while you couldn't imagine a finer country music pedigree, you'd better look elsewhere if you're expecting this to be a traditional country album. On The Family Secret, pop music predominates with side trips into metal and dark cabaret balladry. The title track, "The Family Secret," has nothing to do with his dad's tribulations.

It's a hard rocker about the son of a wolfman, delivered by a rip-snortin' two-guitar, bass, and drums rock band. "Uncle Sam Is Dead" is a slow metallic protest ballad that features Tony Narell on the big Hammond B-3 and screaming lead guitar supporting Carter Cash's growling vocal. A cover of Loudon Wainwright's "Swimming Song" sounds like a contemporary country track combining pop/rock, banjo, and an insouciant vocal. "No One Here Gets Out of Here Alive" takes its title from a paraphrase of a Jim Morrison lyric.

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Apollo Drive

is a new shining star on the Swedish modern rock skies, the name is taken from a street in Los Angeles where the band was formed.

This promising band has lots of potential to make it big and producer Anders Bagge ofcourse understood this when he received a demo by this Stockholm based band.

The song "Papercut" has been well received on American Radio and it´s included on their self titled debut album so don´t worry, fans who has been following this band for a while will recognize the beautiful "Time" that comes as track 2 here.
The opener "If you only let me" is another highlight that has every chance of taking the band high on the charts. The new single "Thru the trees" is a very positive piano driven pop/rock song that grows for each time I hear it, I think they sound a bit like The Calling meeting Keane. Modern rock mixed with Britpop so to speak. Also check out their collaboration with Lazee on the youtube video of "Calling out".Very nice!

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David Nail.
Wie is dat nou weer ?

Growing up in a small southeastern Missouri town, David Nail might’ve chosen to follow any of the dreams that drifted by like the riverboats on the mighty Mississippi: but in the end, it was music that called his name. “I was definitely more into sports growing up,” says the Midwest native. “I think I was expected to play in college, but as I grew older I became more interested in music. After my senior year I had a few small college offers to play baseball. My coach came to me and said ‘David, you need to decide where you’re going to school,’ and out of the blue I just said, ‘Do you know anybody in Nashville?’”

Nail, son of a former high school band director, cut his musical teeth on a record collection that included Stevie Wonder, Elton John and the Beatles. “Elton John was one of the main reasons I started singing, and is still a tremendous influence,” he says. “I think he and the Beatles are probably two of the greatest melody makers of all time.” Then he moved on to country: “I ‘discovered’ country music in the early 90’s along with everyone else my age,” he says. “But I guess I kind of got more obsessive than everybody else. I found myself looking back as far as the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, exposing myself to some of the biggest stars of that era. It was then that I fell in love with Glen Campbell, who is still one of my all-time favorites.”

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Rucker was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, where his family history goes back generations. His single mother, Carolyn, who was a nurse, raised him with his five siblings: three sisters and two brothers.

According to Rucker, his father was "never around," and Rucker only saw him before church on Sundays. His father was in a gospel band called The Rolling Stones.

Rucker has said that he had a "typical Southern, African-American upbringing." His family attended church every Sunday and was economically poor, and at one point, his mom, her two sisters, his grandmother and 14 children were all living in a three-bedroom home. Even so, he says that he looks back on his childhood "with very fond memories." His sister, L'Corine, recalled that singing "was always his dream". Click pic. En waar ken je die man eigelijk van ? Klik hier en je weet het weer

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He Marcel !
Deze dan, lekker voor thuis zeg maar.

One of the new arrivals to the new Melodicrock Records roster is Swedish band Degreed. At first appearance, their name, image and album title might have you thinking this is dark and dirgy stuff - and wondering what the heck is Andrew McNeice thinking? Fear not my melodic friends, Andrew has selected wisely and surely, Degreed being a class melodic act that has taken ownership of the year 2010 as a breath of fresh air from the Nordic North!

Hard to believe that other labels passed this band by (staggering actually), as I really enjoyed this album from start to finish. I'll tell you why.. The relative youthfulness of the band means this band are familiar to equally youthful audiences through the Scandinavian region, making them popular among the social network leagues across the Internet. The personnel have amassed some history already, with appearances in both the Emergenza and Swedish Idol contests, and doing reasonably well as a result. Indeed, the vocal talent of Robin Ericsson is one of the compelling reasons why this band sounds so good and fresh.

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Steel Magnolia:
Meghan Linsey and Joshua Scott Jones

successfully answered the question “Can You Duet’’ by winning the second season of that CMT reality competition. On their eponymous debut, the duo known as Steel Magnolia continue their winning ways combining her bluesy bruised angel rasp with his slick, keening country pop tenor. With the help of go-to producer Dann Huff, the romantically involved pair strike a good balance of styles. There are catchy radio-ready gems like single “Ooh La La,’’ “Not Tonight,’’ and the randy ode to recapturing the magic, “Last Night Again.’’

A few tunes flirt with grit, like the bittersweet anthem of foregone conclusions “Edge of Goodbye’’ and the resigned waltz-time closer “Glass Houses,’’ which are both hefty with pathos. And there’s even an interesting left turn in the shockingly fun reggae romp “Rainbow.’’ What doesn’t work here isn’t egregious, just shiny filler that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Target commercial, like “Keep on Lovin’ You,’’ or hobbled by hokum, like the painfully playful “Eggs Over Easy.’’ (Sample lyric: “I ain’t Jamaican but Jamaican me lazy.’’) Those moments aside, Steel Magnolia is poised to grow strong.

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Mike and the Mechanics was een Britse pop/rockband. In eerste instantie was het een hobbyband van de (bas-)gitarist van Genesis Mike Rutherford. Later groeide de populariteit van de band. Bij deze een greatest hits van Mike.

Het eerste nummer "in de living years" doet mij telkens denken aan mijn vader. Er zijn mensen die hem niet missen maar ik mis hem nog elke dag.

De single bleek een onverwachts succes van de band. In eerste instantie werd gedacht dat de muziek en teksten afkomstig waren van Mike Rutherford; pas in 2004 gaf hij aan dat de teksten afkomstig waren van B.A. Robertson over het feit dat deze in korte tijd zijn vader verloor, maar er een kind bijkreeg. Robertson verweet zijn vader, dat deze te hoge eisen stelde. Maar er is ook zelfverwijt; hij heeft het zijn vader nooit verteld….En toen was het te laat. Het nummer is later opnieuw opgenomen door tal van artiesten waarvan de meest eigenaardige James Last aangezien het een echt rocknummer was. Zanger van het nummer Paul Carrack zong het nog regelmatig tijdens zijn solo-optreden; hij verloor zijn vader echter al op elfjarige leeftijd, maar miste toch de (mogelijke) gesprekken met zijn vader.

Er zijn meer mensen die hier tranen bij laten : klik