woensdag, november 30

Much of the commentary about Darrell Scott’s career has focused on the songs he’s written that have been recorded by famous names and voices – those known in music industry parlance as “artists.” But then there’s the actual word artist, whose definition has nothing to do with radio hits and red carpets. We refer of course to those who create artifacts of aesthetic and intellectual contemplation and wonder, built from experience, skill, reflection and emotional intent. That’s an artist. And that, at the end of the day, is Darrell Scott.

This is made abundantly clear on A Crooked Road, Scott’s sixth solo studio album. Recorded at home and entirely performed by Scott on a variety of instruments, A Crooked Road falls somewhere between a carefully crafted memoir and an arresting breach of privacy. From the deepest containers of memory, it recounts the bruises and blessings of 30 years of love relationships, stirring the heart with its intimacy and with the enthralling warmth and strength of Scott’s rare voice and musicianship.

It is certainly the most introspective and intense project of Scott’s career, spilling over from one CD onto a second, and arranged as a journey with instrumental interludes and a sense of purpose that invites the listener to follow Scott along the crooked road of life, from romantic young man to drama king to lone poet.

maandag, november 28


A peace Ebony himself and his band clearly not grants. Slum Dreams Bering end of 2010 received much praise. Comparisons with John Mellencamp, Ryan Adams, Nick Drake and others singing songs written and demigods were reviewed.

A fine blend of folk, blues and country, although many references calls, but enough Ebony own show.And that is the successor to A Whisper To Arms case. Although an album with more on the accelerator pedal is stepped, but the links to Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Drive-By Truckers are quickly made​​.

A blend of southern rock, blues and country, interspersed with a story. To high expectations, the warning of a father to his son about the social hedonism, about a lost love, seduction, to fight a demon among us.Ebony has a message and wants to share with us, but pushes him into our faces. A Whisper To Arms is in fact simply a great rocking album. Written for the live show, so it seems. Not surprising with a band since its debut almost constantly on the road to find.

SRV revisited ?

If ever there were a blues/rock artist for the world, it is Canadian born and California based guitarist Wolf Mail. Mail, who began his world tour in his teens with Ted Nugent, continues today as he travels throughout North America, Europe, and currently Australia in support of his debut solo release "Solid Ground". This is a very well named CD, as Mail's work is indeed consistently solid from start to finish in every category. His vocals also unique sounding, and the sum product of all of this is a sound that is both somewhat familiar and yet very much original.

Mail, like the excellent Australian guitarist Mal Eastick, is a very polished player, and his work tends to demonstrate more of the "beauty" side of blues/rock guitar, as opposed the "beast" so prominent in more aggressive styles. Mail's guitar work bears the unmistakable marks of the normal SRV/Hendrix/Clapton influences. However, I pay him the ultimate compliment by saying that, though he has obviously been influenced by the normal guitar gods, he bears a striking resemblance to none of them, as his sound is strictly Wolf Mail.

zaterdag, november 26

Janis, Beth, melissa, Layla.

Layla Zoe has been called "the Reincarnate of Janis Joplin" and deemed Canada's "Darling of the blues." She is a young powerful vocalist who was born in British Columbia, Canada. Layla Zoe has been singing since the tender age of four years old, including performances with her father's band at the age of fourteen. She has performed all over the world and has been accepted as one of the best female blues singers of her kind. Layla has worked to release an album every year, and has five independent releases to date: You Will, Shades of Blue, Hoochie Coochie Woman, Live at Errington Hall and the Firegirl.

Her albums, as well as her ability to stun crowds with her power and talent, has been critically acclaimed by the media and reviewed and showcased in publications such as: Canadian Musician Magazine, the Globe and Mail (Toronto), Toronto Blues Society monthly edition, DOWNBEAT magazine (Illinois, USA), Crossroads (France) and many more Blues Matters in the UK. Layla Zoe took home the "Female Vocalist of the Year" award at the Vancouver Island Music Awards in 2006 and won the Compo 10 International blues songwriting competition in Jaarvenpaa, Finland in 2006. She was the only woman and the only Canadian to make it to the finals of the Compo 10 contest in Finland and she humbly took home the prize.

Layla Zoe has performed with the late great Jeff Healey, the Downchild Blues Band, Danny Marks, Pistol Pete, David Gogo and countless others, who have sung high praises of Layla's ability to channel her strong emotions into her performances. She has also been recognized for her songwriting and professionalism.

vrijdag, november 25

Bleus van de bovenste plank, heerlijk relaxed.

James Milton Campbell, Jr. better known as Little Milton, was an American electric blues, rhythm and blues, and soul singer and guitarist, best known for his hit records "Grits Ain't Groceries" and "We're Gonna Make It."
For his 2005 Telarc label debut, the 71-year-old uitarist / singer / songwriter found a kindred spirit in producer/guitarist Jon Tiven. Together, they composed all the songs for a remarkably consistent comeback.

Discarding the strings, horns, and lavish production that blues purists often felt drowned Milton's substantial talents, Tiven keeps the sound lean and tough. Milton responds with his toughest performance in years, wading in the Southern swamps for "Next to You," pleading with that patented aged-whiskey voice on the sumptuous "Reconsider Me," and tearing into the superb soul-blues style he's best known for on the crackling mid-tempo opener "Gonna Find Me Somebody to Love."

Those new to Little Milton's legendary talents--and even older fans who might have lost track throughout the years--will find the icon in splendid form on this magnificent release.
In 1988, Little Milton was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame and won a W.C. Handy Award. His most final album, Think of Me, was released in May 2005 on the Telarc imprint, and included writing and guitar on three songs by Peter Shoulder of the UK-based blues-rock trio Winterville.

Milton died on August 4, 2005 from complications following a stroke.

zaterdag, november 19

Voor de liefhebber.

The problem with old rockers — Rolling Stones and some Neil Young excepted — is that they don’t rock enough. Maybe it’s the passage of time, the slowing of the internal clock, or just some strange need to become Bob Dylan at his slowest.
Nils Lofgren’s Old School has its moments but it isn’t really old school. When you have Paul Rodgers (“Bad Company”, “Feel Like Making Love”) and Lou Gramm (“Midnight Blue,” “Urgent” and my personal favorite, “Dirty White Boy”) and Sam Moore of the immortal Sam and Dave all singing along, you ought to be able to crank out some hot rock. Instead, we mostly get some slow paced, lost love, oh what a dreary world it is, songs that make me think the anti-depressants aren’t working very well.

Nils has his own gold standard rock bona fides from a quarter century with Springsteen’s reconstituted E-Street Band and earlier stints with Neil Young and Crazy Horse. But bona fides do not a rock album make.
what a dreary world it is, songs that make me think the anti-depressants aren’t working very well. Nils has his own gold standard rock bona fides from a quarter century with Springsteen’s reconstituted E-Street Band and earlier stints with Neil Young and Crazy Horse. But bona fides do not a rock album make. Still, there’s some interesting stuff. “60 Is The New 18″ is a lively little rocker about the discovery that at 60 you might be a little uncomfortable playing rock ‘n roll. Then stop and please spare us the angst. There’s a lovely Bruce McCabe written lament, “Irish Angel,” that has the melodic structure of an Irish ballad with, of course, sad lyrics. It’s Irish after all. “All their wars were happy and all their songs were sad,” someone once wrote. It fittingly ends with a raised glass. And then another. Also Irish. “Amy Jones Blues” lives up to the title for the most part. Nice blues feel but somehow the “bum knees” of aging don’t really strike me as poignant or down and out. And there are a couple of Springsteen/E Street-like songs “Love Stumbles On,” which I suspect Bruce will sing in concert at some point, and “Just Because.” “Love Stumbles On” has a love against the darkness modest quality. Love only “stumbles on” but it does endure.

Good enough.
“Just Because” starts the tailing off into total tunes of regret and way too downer love (mostly lost) that dominates this album. Perhaps I am missing a sensitivity gene, but it all seems just too woebegone and maudlin. It’s only rock ‘n roll, Nils, we could use a lighter touch. I remember feeling much the same way about Robbie Robertson’s How to be Clairvoyant earlier this year. Does it really suck that much to be you? In the lyrics of “Ain’t Too Many Of Us Left,” “wild old Neil” calls to utter the title phrase to a surgery-recovering Lofgren. It would help if a little of the “wild” came through more, especially if there ain’t too many of us left.

donderdag, november 17

As rock bands evolve and develop a more technical and refined sound, it becomes increasingly necessary to sonically "strike hard and fast" and leave your listener "hooked and begging for more. Enter UNDERDOGS .Powerful and versatile trio inspired by the "desert rock", supported by GoDown Records and formed in 2004. They already occupy a respectable place in the Italian underground, thanks to a lot of granitic & wild r'n'roll gigs all over Italy (and not only..), supporting international cult bands such as Nebula, Josiah, Colour Haze, OJM, Joe Lalli (Fugazi), The Answer, Brant Bjork (Kyuss), and many more!!

The lucky debut album "Ready to burn" was released in 2007 for GoDown Records, followed in 2009 by an E.P. unplugged "Dogs without plugs" (self-produced and available for free download).
After one year away from the scene for recording the new album & changing drummer, on summer 2011 they are ready to come back and strike again. The new album will be available by september 2011.. ..so let's keep one eye open.. ..the 'dogs are back! The american's drummer/songwriter in Italy CORY PROUGH (ex SlowMotionCrash) has listened the new album preview and has realized this review:"I had the privilege of reviewing the newest album before it's release and man, am I glad I did! This sophomore album "REVOLUTION LOVE" follows-up right where the "Dogs" left off with (“Ready to burn” – GoDown Records 2007).

Een oudje maar o zo mooi, luister er nog vaak naar.

In 1995, Tempest's solo debut A Place to Call Home was released. According to himself it is "his singer/songwriter album". The album, which was produced by Dan Sundquist, was recorded in Stockholm and London using Swedish musicians. Europe band mate John Norum guests on one of the tracks. Tempest also played guitar on the album. A Place to Call Home sold platinum in Sweden and it was a big success internationally. Later the same year he commenced his first European tour as a solo artist. The following year he was nominated for a "Best Swedish Artist" Grammy. Four singles were taken from the album, "A Place to Call Home", "Under the Influence", "We Come Alive" and "Don't Go Changing On Me".