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Juweel !

Produced by Krauss and Union Station, with studio legend Mike Shipley engineering and mixing,
Paper Airplane contains 11 songs of poignancy and austere beauty, chosen with the impeccable taste and unerring intuition that have characterized her entire body of work, delivered by this world-class unit with an immediacy that goes beyond mere virtuosity.

Throughout her remarkable career, which spans a quarter century, though she’s only 39, Krauss has remained grounded and real. Deeply introspective as an artist, she’s commensurately outgoing and spontaneous in conversation—both sides of her character evidencing a life-embracing humanity. In her work, Krauss has managed to consistently locate the fertile common ground between traditional modes and topical themes. On Paper Airplane, she and the band somehow managed to plumb the depths of Krauss’ own psyche while also capturing the zeitgeist, so that this portrait of the artist doubles as a portrait of America as a whole at a crucial moment in its history.

AK Klik hier voor de Allison Kraus music player, vanaf vandaag dit soort dingen in een aangepast venster qua groote, een javascript wat ik eindelijk onde de knie heb. YES !

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Multipersonalitied recording artist Fiona hails from NJ, USA. Pushed on stage by desperate teachers since first grade because of her unusually loud speaking voice and complete lack of stage fright she was handed a shillelagh, a clarinet and finally a microphone. Cast as a singing bandleader in the high school play she knew immediately her destiny. Encouraged by her father to be a newscaster or a nun she ignored this advice and moved to NYC. The normal series of demos with Eddy Offord and The Dixie Dregs and a day job with iconic photographer Andrew Unangst led to her Atlantic Records debut.

Talk to Me, produced by local hero Peppi Marchello of The Good Rats, was an out of the box sensation and the MTV rotation caught the eye of Miami Vice producers where she was kept awake for 158 hours to star as Jackie in the New York Times hailed Little Miss Dangerous episode of the hit TV show. Two more albums on Atlantic and then a jump to Geffen for the AOR melodic rock smash Squeeze album followed. Along the way she dueted with her friend Kip Winger on the radio/MTV most requested hit Everything You Do and starred with Bob Dylan and Rupert Everett in the movie Hearts of Fire.

Now, after a hiatus (during which she got married, graduated from UCLA, worked for the late great Danny Sugerman and the Doors, got hired away by PriceWaterhouse then retired six weeks later to reproduce (first one child, then another) here is the return of one of the early Queens of Rock.

Wie is die knul ??

YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill is far from your average high school student. For one thing, he has overcome incredible adversity, suffering from a rare genetic disorder called Mucopolysaccaridosis (MPS-6) since birth. For another, at the young age of 16, Cahill has already achieved international superstardom- all from behind a webcam in his childhood bedroom. The Elmhusrt Illinois teen rose to fame with a series of hugely entertaining self-produced videos of himself lip-syncing the hottest top 40 hits. He created a YouTube channel for his fun, quirky videos and saw his popularity skyrocket overnight. And Cahill’s knack for putting his own unforgettably hilarious spin on the radio’s biggest tracks has already won him millions of fans the world over.

Klik op zijn wijsvinger voor meer Keenan.

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Oak ridge boys. ( leuke ouwe lullen country )

Don Carr (lead guitar) Born in Wayne, MI, and raised in Henderson, KY, Don is the only member of his family who has musical talent. He began singing as a toddler, even before he had mastered talking. Picking up a discarded guitar, Don took lessons at the YMCA. He practiced at home by listening to records and learning to imitate the guitar licks. Beginning at age 15, Don played guitar in a club band, later joining a rock band whose members wrote and recorded their own material.

The group won grand prize in a radio station-sponsored contest, and Don was hooked on the music business! Attending North Texas State in Denton and Belmont College in Nashville, he pursued music majors. It was while studying at Belmont that he began making friends in the country music industry, eventually leading to his first major road job, playing with David Slater. Later Don traveled with Shelly West, Earl Thomas Conley, and Marie Osmond. He joined The Oaks Band in 1991 to play lead guitar, but Don also plays the drums and says that he has a ‘percussive attitude’ toward the guitar, which he describes as ‘very rhythmic.’

Astro Safari

is the name by which 3 recently graduated (and 1 current) Western (Ontario) students call their collaborative musical creations -- conceived mostly in Sydenham Hall, HSB Room 240 and on Cedar Ave across from the Hi-Ya Mart. Their names are Matt Simmonds, Paul Jenkins, Ben Tucker and Dan Weidelich. We hope you enjoy what you hear !

Astro Safari is a newly formed Canadian four-piece started out of the University of Western Ontario. With a repertoire based in rock music they are doing their best to ignore the rules and formulas plaguing the art best understood by way of ears.

The project, originally titled Sim & Dan, began to take root from the stockpile of co-lead-vocalist, Dan Weidelich's lyrics and guitar pieces he began writing in his first year of university. After two dormant years, insert the musical mind of multi-instrumentalist Matt Simmonds (also of Air Marshal Landing) and suddenly the hibernating bits and pieces began to pour fluidly into their own respective places.

The pair recorded two songs ('Open Your Eyes' and subsequently 'Riptide') for a mutual friend(Ben Doner)'s group audio recording projects in 2009. Upon hearing the finished products both decided an album must be written, inevitably leading to the formation of a band. Experienced hardcore-high-school-band-drummer Ben Tucker hopped on the kit to solidify the groove and Paul Jenkins ferociously picked up his axe to power up the tonal potency of what has become known as Astro Safari.

Aaron Lines is from Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. He's the youngest of four children of a schoolteacher and the town's first dentist. He says it was a great place to grow up, but he always dreamed of playing music. And he knew that dream would mean moving away. "It was a small city, you pretty much knew everybody, and everybody knew you. I went to school with the same thirty kids until 8th grade."

Like most Canadian kids, he laced on a pair of skates not too long after he started walking, and began playing hockey when he was about three. "I loved hockey, it was just always there in my life. It was like breathing. But when it came time to get serious about it, I found out I just didn't have the passion for it that I did for music."

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Belangrijke mededeling:

Een aantal downloadlinks hebben problemen. je weet vast waarom. De multiuploadlinks werken nog wel maar kies daarna voor voor een locatie die nog doorgeeft. Er zijn er genoeg, ik heb net even getest. Dit gaat allemaal ook weer over denk ik. SJD.

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Royal Bliss has been making their mark across the country for years now. Constant writing, recording, and touring have helped build the success of the band. The wide variety of influences from Johnny Cash to Snoop Dog to Led Zeppelin and the Toadies with everything in between have melded a sound that cannot be denied.

More recently in 2009 their Capitol Records debut Life In-Between charted in the Billboard top 200 and was #1 in Billboard Heatseekers. Their music is played across the country on the most popular Rock radio stations, and has been in mass rotation since. Touring with acts such as Buckcherry, Candlebox, Chevelle, Kid Rock, and Papa Roach has only increased the demand for the dynamic band from Utah. From the on-stage antics of front man Neal Middleton, to the energetic live shows, Royal Bliss continues to win fans over, all over the globe.

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Met “Proud To Be Here” heeft Trace Adkins een zeer toepasselijke titel voor zijn nieuwe album gekozen. Want na een auto-ongeval, waar hij er met gebroken armen en een kapotte neus vanaf kwam, een schotwond, dat zijn tweede vrouw hem toebracht of ongelukken bij de landbouwwerkzaamheden op zijn boerderij, brandde twee maanden geleden het familiebezit af. Adkins heeft al deze dingen (en nog meer) overleefd en heeft alle reden “Proud To Be Here” te zijn.

Overigens, al zullen velen dit niet willen geloven, de in 1996 tot ACM (Acadamy Of Country Music) Top New Male Vocalist gekozen artiest kan op foto’s ook eens lachen. Daarvoor hoef je alleen DeLuxe Edition open te slaan. Zit erbij natuurlijk.

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RAGDOLL is a country love song come to life. Husband and wife duo Jason and Lena Cox met at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, where each earned a degree in vocal performance. Jason, a North Florida native, and Lena, an Alabama-born, Atlanta-raised Southern beauty were both enjoying successful solo careers when love entered the mix.

The chemistry quickly fused the relationship to the music. When they hit the stage together, what they found was a combination of two powerhouse vocals, tight harmonies and an energy that was contagious. With great songwriting and a band that blows the doors off the joint, listeners are left wanting more every time. RAGDOLL shares the road with some of Nashville’s finest musicians. Influenced by classic country, rock-n-roll and roots music, RAGDOLL breaks the monotony with a fresh sound exuding passion and authenticity.

The future looks bright for RAGDOLL as they continue touring and recording. “I’m always eager to get back on stage,” says Lena. “That’s where I feel most at home. I love the energy of a room, the pulse of a band, and the sound of a crowd singing along. And then I look over and see my husband standing right there next to me. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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Na zijn studie aan de Bristol University ging Blunt in het leger. Zijn familie had een lange legertraditie; ook zijn vader had in het leger gezeten. Toen Blunt in Kosovo diende, schreef hij in 2002 het nummer No Bravery. Later kwam dat nummer ook op Back To Bedlam, zijn debuutalbum. Blunt was officier in het leger, en had dienst tijdens de begrafenis van koningin-moeder Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Hij was een van de soldaten die haar kist droegen.

De JamesBluntaudioplayer hier.

Indeed, as much as he loves making new music, for Blunt, the ultimate joy comes from playing the songs live and sharing them with an audience. And with a new tour starting in 2011, he’s looking forward to getting back out there. As the recording process comes to a close, he’s waiting to climb back on the bus. “Put the album out and get me on tour,” he says. “We’re going to have the time of our lives playing these songs.”

ANNA TERNHEIM is a Swedish singer, songwriter and has got many awards under her belt, reaping them with her debut ‘Somebody Outside’ (2004), ‘Separation Road’ (2006), ‘Halfway to Fivepoints’ (2008 - debut album in USA), ‘Leaving on a Mayday’ (2008). Her songs were also featured in some TV series. The latest addition, ‘The Night Visitor’, has just been freshly released.

TERNHEIM’s style apart from the crossover that feels to be between Indie Rock and understated Pop to acoustic, bluesy & folk... at times reminding of JOAN BAEZ minus BAEZ’s pretensions and ultra seriousness, some sensibilities of DIDO on a less poppy appeal. All that remark apart, her vocal is very pleasant and she’s good at what she’s doing, her presence is cool, not too much in your face but pretty much strongly there. Understated classiness and intelligence come to mind too. It’s difficult to get on with your ‘to do list’ because if you’ll listen to this, you’re just gonna want to kick off your shoes, put your feet up and simply chill out.

So reserve it for the time you don’t have to do anything and enjoy! Songs to give as an examples - the up-beat-ish ‘Lorelie-Marie’, ‘Ghost Of A Man’, ‘God Don’t Know’ with its whistling and the push for you to join along the refrain. ‘All Shadows’ - good depth added by the drums and in overall, interesting song in this quality release.

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'Somebody that I used to know' van Gotye kreeg de afgelopen dagen een tweede leven op Youtube door de versie van Walk off the Earth, een Canadese coverband. Heel leuk en heel goed. Klik.

En oja, hier nog meer leuks.

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In choosing Revival as the title for the follow up to her 2008 debut, Chasing The Sun, Tara Oram isn’t just summing up the subject matter of the songs she’s chosen to record this time out, she’s capturing the spirit that has characterized her approach to her craft since the very first time she picked up a microphone.

In other words, Oram says; “We’re keeping it country. I wanted to stay true to what I love musically and record songs that hopefully will inspire people. That’s what these each of these songs did for me; either by just making me feel good, or by helping me through something.”

Although Oram insists that she’s lucky to be able to do what she does, few people chase their dreams with the kind of persistence the Newfoundland born singer has routinely displayed over the course of her life. True, luck may have played some small part in her rise to fame, but Oram knows chance is a poor substitute for single-minded dedication and drive.

Touted as one of the best guitar players in the world, Richie Kotzen also possesses a voice on par with some of the greatest rock/soul singers and is highly regarded as a gifted songwriter. Richie has had an incredible journey into the world of music. With guitar styles ranging from rock, blues, jazz and fusion to pop and soul, Kotzen has built a remarkably diverse 20 year career as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. During that span, he has not only built an incredibly successful solo career, but has also found himself writing, recording and playing live with a variety of different artists, ranging from Pop/Rock bands like Poison and Mr. Big to Jazz/Fusion groups like Vertu featuring Kotzen and Jazz legends Stanley Clarke and Lenny White. Working with these artists has provided Richie with a great deal of in-studio experience, as well as the opportunity to tour the world, introducing him to an international audience.

One of numerous virtuoso electric guitarists to debut on Mike Varney s cult favorite Shrapnel label in the late 80s, Richie s versatility rapidly distinguished him from the pack, allowing him to build a remarkably diverse career as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter over the last 20 years.

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Aanrader, gaan we nog wat van horen.

Elisabeth Maurus (Rock Island (Illinois), 21 november 1982), beter bekend onder haar artiestennaam Lissie, is een Amerikaanse folkrockartieste en is volgens het Amerikaanse muziektijdschrift Paste de beste nieuwe soloartiest van 2010. In november 2009 verscheen haar eerste ep, Why You Running. Haar debuutalbum Catching a Tiger kwam uit in juni 2010.
Lissie is geboren en opgegroeid in Rock Island in Illinois. Ze was reeds op jonge leeftijd geïnteresseerd in muziek en vertolkte op negenjarige leeftijd de hoofdrol in de musical Annie. Haar doorbraak bij het grote publiek ontstond door de samenwerking met Morgan Page in het nummer The Longest Road.
Haar ep Why You Running, geproduceerd door Bill Reynold van de Band Of Horses, werd uitgebracht in november 2009 door Fat Possum. Lissie werd door velen opgemerkt, onder wie Lenny Kravitz en Ray Lamontagne, die haar vroegen als voorprogramma bij hun tournee. Lissie ging vervolgens in zee met Sony Music UK's Columbia Records. Haar debuutalbum, Catching a Tiger, kwam uit op 21 juni 2010. Het album was opgenomen in Nashville in 2009 en geproduceerd door Jacquire King. De eerste single van het album, In Sleep, werd door het Britse muziektijdschrift Q als single van de dag gekozen. De tweede single, When I'm Alone, werd door iTunes UK verkozen tot single van het jaar 2010. Cuckoo werd de derde single van het album Catching a Tiger.

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Heb je dat wel eens: je hoort een reclame met steengoeie muziek eronder. Dit is er eentje, zit onder de reclame voor de Nikon eos 600. Het nummer heet young blood. Nummer 7 hieronder.

The Naked and Famous is een band uit Nieuw-Zeeland. Ze brengen hoofdzakelijk een mengeling van electropop en alternatieve rock. De muziek van The Naked and Famous wordt veel vergeleken met MGMT en Passion Pit.

De groep werd in 2008 opgericht door zangeres Alisa Xayalith en zanger/producer/gitarist Thom Powers. Snel daarna kwam ook Aaron Short bij de band. De drie kenden elkaar van een muziekopleiding in Auckland. The Naked and Famous bracht aanvankelijk twee EP's uit, maar brak in 2010 door dankzij de Nieuw-Zeelandse nummer 1 hit Young Blood.[1] Op 6 september 2010 werd hun eerste album Passive Me, Aggressive You uitgebracht. Tweede single Punching in a Dream bereikte de elfde plaats in de Nieuw-Zeelandse hitlijsten. In december 2010 voorspelde de BBC op hun website in de rubriek "Sound of 2011" dat de band in 2011 zal gaan doorbreken.

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Goed, warm aanbevolen download.

the project grew into its own. Formed in Great Falls, Montana, in 2001 by Bill Sanchez (bass) and Jason Broussard (drums), the first incarnation was heavily inspired by modern art-rock pioneers Tool and their use of unorthodox song structures and time signatures. Composing adventurous instrumental arrangements, it wasn’t until four years later that the duo finally found the permanent additions they sought in guitarist Jared Amlin and vocalist Ty Jividen. With a complete lineup, the band began to further evolve, while incorporating other aspects to create their musical identity – atmospheric synths and polyrhythmic experimentation, as well as influences ranging from Porcupine Tree, Meshuggah, Pulse Ultra and Karnivool.

With members hailing from various regions of the country, the quartet permanently relocated to Ohio and began playing small shows and building a devoted following. After being tapped to support bands like Soilwork and Helmet, the group garnered local attention in 2008, but the outfit experienced an unexpected hiatus following a facial injury suffered by Jividen, which left him unable to sing for several months. Upon Jividen’s recovery, CETERUM independently released the EP Proportions a year later – a collaboration with multi-platinum, award winning producer Michael Seifert (Dave Matthews Band, Tori Amos). The track “Insolence.Recoil” has since received significant regional airplay reaching all the way to Knoxville, Tennessee, as well as being featured on WJCU’s Metal on Metal program to enthusiastic feedback. Met andere woorden : goeie metal.