zondag, november 28

Aanrader : Litlle Wood Guitar.

Sugarland has become one of country music’s most popular acts on the charismatic vocals from Jennifer Nettles, strong songwriting and a gift for melody. With one goal, to release a live recording out of the way, Sugarland’s next goal was to release a collection of holiday themed songs and they have done that with Gold and Green, a record which features five new Christmas songs and five classics. The classics like “Winter Wonderland,” “Holly Jolly Christmas” and “Nuttin’ For Christmas” are injected with the duos infectious personality and charms while “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel and “Silent Night” serve to showcase Nettles’ stellar vocals.

Plaatje is download. Voorbeeld hieronder.

dinsdag, november 23

In 1930s Russian army was … by the idea of creating huge planes. At that times they were proposed to have as much propellers as possible to help carrying those huge flying fortresses into the air, jet propulsion has not been implemented at those times yet.

Not much photos were saved since that times, because of the high secrecy levels of such projects and because a lot of time passed already. Still on the photo below you can see one of such planes – a heavy bomber K-7. Now modern history lovers in Russia try to reconstruct according the plans left in once to be top-secret Russian army archives their look in full color. This is one example based on ideas of Russian aviation engineers of that times.

maandag, november 22

Door het kleine aantal bomaanslagen en het beperkte aantal misdaden tegen kinderen in de Afghaanse hoofdstad Kabul, is het voor jongeren waarschijnlijk veiliger om in Kabul te wonen, dan in Londen of New York.

Dat heeft de burgerchef van de NAVO in Afghanistan, Mark Sedwill, gezegd in een interview dat maandag werd uitgezonden. Sedwill werd geïnterviewd voor het BBC-programma CBBC Newsround, dat gericht is op kinderen.

Later verduidelijkte Sedwill zijn uitlatingen in een verklaring die maandag werd vrijgegeven.
Denk aan : Klik.
Vent is gek.

vrijdag, november 19

Nou, ben weer online op een laag pitje denk ik.
Veel gebeurd, niet te beschrijven.
Af en toe zal ik weer iets posten.

donderdag, november 18


bij het station staan al jaren zeven NS locomotieven weg te roesten. De locomotieven van het type 1600 werden in de jaren ’80 besteld bij het Franse bedrijf Alstom. Het ontwerp is van Paul Arzens en is afgeleid van het design van de eerste snelle Franse intercitytreinen. Arzens liet zich bij het ontwerpen van de locomotief inspireren door het menselijk lichaam in beweging. De neus van de trein stelt het silhouet van een hardloper voor. Alhoewel de locomotieven amper dertig jaar oud zijn, zijn er een aantal al in 2006 terzijde gesteld. De machines werden overbodig door de inzet van nieuwe treinstellen en de komst van nieuwe vervoerders. Nadat het spoorwegnet werd opengesteld voor meerdere bedrijven, zijn er een groot aantal goederenvervoerders bijgekomen. Doordat bijna al deze bedrijven gloednieuw materiaal aanschaften, werden veel NS locomotieven overbodig.
Meer Paul Arzens hier. Meer 1600 1700 1800 hier.
Even opscheppen: hier mag ik mee rijden.
Kathy Wyatt
works as a freelance illustrator and designer. During her early formal training, she focused on traditional drawing techniques to gain a thorough understanding of anatomy and movement.

Based at her studio in Bristol, Wyatt now specialises in figurative work, including drawings, animation work and model making. She has been commissioned by the publishing, advertising, music and film industries. Notable clients have included Transport for London, and Johnson & Johnson.
Gustavo Mazali (born in 1961) We may say that he drew since he was very little. However, he dreamt of becoming a pilot, then a veterinarian, later a doctor; he tried to do what he liked. He studied to become a nurse, he started studying to become a teacher for rural areas and he kept searching. He worked running errands, as an administrative employee, as a sales agent, until he realized that what he really liked was drawing. So, he dreamt of becoming an illustrator. He took courses on short story illustration with Alberto Salinas and Oswal. He started illustrating short stories with scripts from Carlos Albiac, Carlos Trillo and Guillermo Sacomanno. He drew short stories with the characters of Cybersix and Irish Coffee created by Carlos Trillo and Carlos Meglia for a few years from which he learnt a lot.

donderdag, november 4

Nou de laatste was toepasselijk. Stefansblog stopt er voor nu mee. Wellicht later nog eens. Geen idee. Het ga je goed, SJD.
Vergis je niet. Dit is een "must see"

Collapsus is a brand-new transmedia project from SubmarineChannel that combines interactivity, animation, fiction, and documentary.

Collapsus looks into the near future and shows you how the imminent energy crisis affects a group of ten young people, who appear to be caught up in an energy conspiracy. Collapsus is the transmedia project associated with the documentary, Energy Risk. Collapsus is directed by Tommy Pallotta, producer of Scanner Darkly and Waking Life, and director of American Prince.

Preview hier, film in full screen.......
Ryohei Yamashita

creates digital paintings with the consistent theme of yakudo, which means, translated literally, "full of life and energy." Like the climactic moment in a film, his paintings are iconic, explosive, energetic, and memorable.

Yamashita's unique fisheye lens perspective adds to his works' depth, breadth, and beautiful trajectory lines, creating this dramatic effect of yakudo. Mr. Yamashita started working as a caricaturist when he was a student. In 2002, he became an illustrator based in Yokohama City.

After passing the Digmeout Audition, a rite of passage for many of Japan's young art leaders, he embarked with his theme of Yakudokaninto the art world on a quest to go beyond the realm of illustration.

woensdag, november 3

Even tussendoor: Nieuwe Bruce.

In the introductory essay that forms part of the lavish packaging of The Promise: The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story, Springsteen offers an insight into what was inspiring his music in the mid '70s: “I was still held in thrall by the towering pop records that had shaped my youth.”
That’s clearly evident among the 21 tracks we get to hear for the first time on the second and third discs of this release; a dizzying ride through American popular music, liberally borrowing instantly familiar motifs.

The 10 tracks that comprised Darkness' on its release in 1978 were carefully chosen to reaffirm Springsteen’s literate singer-songwriter reputation, but the music here is less concerned with cementing a specific identity.
"'Darkness' was my 'samurai' record," Springsteen writes, "stripped to the frame and ready to rumble.

But the music that got left behind was substantial." Having had three years to wait while management and legal wrangles prevented him from delivering any new music to the masses, Bruce nonetheless continued to record at Record Plant Studios in New York, not laying down working demos, but conjuring up fully-formed band recordings, many of which rank among his best work.

Hieronder bierflessen openen: "because the night". Ik sla even over, kan er niet meer tegen. Buitenom kan ook.

Oja, hier nog een leuk stukje Bruce over the darkness on the edge of town een "must see". Als ik het allemaal goed begrijp zijn dit overblijfselen van D O T E O T..

Echo Chernik.

echo has over fifteen years of experience as a professional commercial artist in the advertising field, and five years as an instructor of graphics and digital illustration at pratt institute, westchester community college, marymount manhattan and skidmore cci.

she specializes in art nouveay influenced poster design, adverisements, package design and bookcovers.
she is a traditionally trained artist - graduate of pratt institute, summa cum laude (presidents award for academic excellence). a traditional background in art focuses on skills such as drawing and painting as well as perspective and color theory. this allows the artist to translate their concept into whatever media best suits the job - resulting in a very versatile artist, who is not limited by any one medium.
Michael Allen Austin:

Would love to tell you something like. . . I go out when the moon is full for a dinner of spicy food. Afterwards, I return home, lay my head down on a special pillow filled with exotic goose down and then let ideas come through surreal dreams. But, unfortunately, for me there isn’t anything that specific or unique.

My inspiration comes from the things closest to me like my friends, family, even the furniture in my house. For example, the train, the Sagebrush Flyer in Railroad John and the Red Rock Run, was composed out of parts of furniture in my home.

I combined those ideas with photos of an old train nicknamed the Gophers, Frogs and Alligators line, which ran where in the area where I grew up. Also, my great grandfather, who actually worked for a railroad, was the basis for the Railroad John character.

dinsdag, november 2

For anyone looking to brand Jason Aldean as part of a significant musical movement, good luck. There’s a lot about the singer that’s become familiar during his five years as a country hitmaker, after all, he has spent more weeks at No. one on the radio charts than any other country artist in the last 12 months.

But none of what he does comes out quite like anyone else. The blues-tinged licks at the end of his phrases—there’s a ring of familiarity about them, but you can’t really link them to another artist.

The smoky guitar riffs that have become a signature—they’re built on sounds that have come before, but they don’t really belong to anyone else in the country genre, either. The small-town themes that pervade many of his songs—that’s all been done before, but not quite with the unwavering honesty that Aldean applies to the subject.

maandag, november 1

Goni Montes.

I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, where I lived most of my life. After attending the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez and acquiring a BA in Fine Arts, I began working as a scientific illustrator for the Puerto Rico Sea Grant.

To pursue a career in editorial work (and whatnot), I moved to Atlanta, GA and obtained an MFA in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Today I freelance from Decatur, GA, teach a class or two at SCAD, and assist my friend Bill Mayer in a few of his crazed projects.
Clients include Draft FCB, Oz Magazine, Puerto Rico Sea Grant, Spin Master, Tor Books, The Village Voice, The Washington Post, The Work Style Magazine, among others.
Jason Chalker:

I would have to say everything that’s happened in my life has affected me as an artist.

My dad was in WWII and I think my family’s connection to that era brought about my eventual love for pulp art. I’ve been doing some website design, Flash illustrations for an educational CD-Rom for the University of Montana and a few ‘A Scanner Darkly’-style portraits.

This past fall I did a painted commission for a Fables event at Austin Books and Comics and also did a t-shirt design for their fall sale. I’m about to start working on a comic I originally started at 24 Hour Comic Book Day. I like the story and I’d like to see how it turns out if I put some time into it. It’ll be my first comic book. Dit noemen ze pulp art. Hij heeft ook een blog, manlyart.

Mick Wiggins is an award winning professional illustrator who specializes in book and editorial illustration. He is the illustrator of the complete John Steinbeck series from Penguin Classics US. “Starting out years ago, I painted with oils, but eventually shifted to a digital format back in the 1980s. As the technology matured over the decades, my style drifted to its current state. Technically, I feel like I work pretty simply: sketching in pencil first, scanning, and building the image in Photoshop.

As a hangover from the previous century, I still use a mouse (as opposed to a tablet stylus), which is probably the source of the screen-print or woodblock feel for much of my work. With a mouse, one kind of carves shapes, rather than drawing them, which takes away the immediate and sensuous line that drawing by hand gives. Any sensuality that does come through seems to have a slightly more formal, starchy feel.”
“I have a couple of sources of textures I use: most commonly an old piece of papyrus that has a peculiar weave I like.

I’m liking the random noise generators these days, and the textures that can be derived from them.”
Chris Whetzel. I have always loved to draw! I can recall crude portraits of family members from as early as what must have been three or four years old. The doodles in textbooks and on my arms continued throughout high school.

Faced with parents determined to send their son to a college, I prepared for what looked like a promising career of facts and figures. And thus, the stage was set until my art teacher proposed applying to an art school in Philadelphia...Since that time, I have worked for numerous magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, and corporations.

Eric Drooker is a painter and graphic novelist, born and raised on Manhattan Island. He's the award-winning author of Flood! A Novel in Pictures, and Blood Song: A Silent Ballad. He designed the animation for the recent film, Howl, a movie based on the epic poem by AllenGinsberg, who collaborated with Drooker on the book Illuminated Poems. His paintings appear on covers of The New Yorker, and hang in numerous collections. He regularly draws from the figure, and is working on a series of nude paintings for an upcoming book.