maandag, februari 25

Welcome to the website of artist, John Jacobsmeyer. Below is a brief description of his life and activities. John is originally from New Hampshire. Since 2000 he has resided in Brooklyn, New York and teaches at the New York Academy ofArt in Tribeca, Manhattan. His Brooklyn studio in the neighborhood of Red Hook doubles as painting studio and printshop equipped with a proofpress and etching press for printing woodcuts and engravings.

vrijdag, februari 22

Hartelijk welkom op de website Deze website wil je beter vertrouwd maken met de katholieke ‘lifestyle’. Deze site is een soort katholieke doe-het-zelf gids: de artikelen laten met eenvoudige tips en voorbeelden zien hoe je je katholieke geloof in het leven van elke dag kunt toepassen.

De onderwerpen op de website behandelen alle aspecten van het leven. Van relaties en gezin tot artikelen over geld, gezondheid en geestelijk leven. Het mooie van het katholieke geloof is dat het alles in je leven anders maakt. Het is niet alleen iets voor in de kerk; als het goed is helpt het je bij het maken van de goede keuzes, je wordt er sterker en gelukkiger door. linkt ook naar de geloofsvragen die ik beantwoord in mijn ‘Eerste Hulp’ column op de website van het Katholiek Nieuwsblad. Ik krijg elke dag wel een paar nieuwe geloofsvragen binnen - en niet alleen van katholieken!

donderdag, februari 21

About sam
Born in Alaska, Sam grew up in Deep River Ontario, Canada. After attending the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, he moved to New York to pursue illustration and attend graduate school at The School of Visual Arts. After graduating, Sam worked part time for two years as assistant art director of the OpEd page at the New York Times, with senior art director Brian Rea. His studio is in Brooklyn. Likes include Italian and Japanese comics, David Lynch movies, and hanging out with Jillian.

woensdag, februari 13

The Detonator V4 6.0 is a pure sculpture with no intention of being a functional motor bike. The initial idea was to shape a radical bike using simple shapes such as cubes and cylinders, a heavy and brutal look, with a mix of retro style and modern simplicity. The Detonator comes without a visible frame. Instead, there is a simple block housing the giant 6 liter 4 cylinder engine. All additional parts i.e. seat, steering, suspension and exhaust are geometrically linked to the V shaped engine. On top of the frame, where one might expect a front light, sits a glass tube radar system to navigate the bike. Design wise it was also necessary to give the bike a face. Without that feature it just looked blind.

zondag, februari 3

Among the most successful of the new generation of German painters his works often create a puzzle for the viewer. For as paintings they do not pursue the flatness and two dimensionality of high modernism, and neither do they show the at times acerbic neo-expressionism of his teacher Georg Baselitz.

Though the manner in which the white gesso-ed ground stands in for light reveals a clear awareness and knowledge of post-impressionist practices found at the beginnings of ‘the modern’. But, this said, Bisky is definitively a figurative painter and he makes no bones about it. The past is an open territory to be visited and appropriated at will.