donderdag, juni 30

Na het debuutalbum ‘Rise’ uit 2006 en de opvolger ‘Everyday Demons’ uit 2009 is er dan nu een dvd verschenen van The Answer met een zeventig minuten durende documentaire, diverse live-opnamen en negen promotieclips. Wie de laatste optredens van AC/DC in Nederland heeft bijgewoond werd al vroeg op de avond wakker geschud door vier jonge Noord-Ieren met een enorme hoeveelheid enthousiasme, energie, inzet maar bovenal met een grote dosis ‘rock in hun donder’. Het is snel gegaan met de vier jongens uit Belfast die vijf jaar geleden nog een korte Nederlandse tour deden in zaaltjes met gemiddeld vijftig betalende bezoekers.

De band mocht openen voor grote namen als The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Whitesnake en The Who maar “Het beste live-optreden ooit wordt zonder twijfel gespeeld door AC/DC”, aldus Micky Waters, de bassist die namens het viertal spreekt.
De band wordt 412 dagen gevolgd tijdens de Black Ice-tour van hun grote helden waar het als support-act mag optreden. “We waren bezig met het opnemen van enkele b-kanten voor ‘Demon Eyes’ in Brixton” toen onze manager iedereen bij elkaar riep voor een korte vergadering. Op het moment dat hij zijn map op tafel legde zag ik tussen die papieren het logo van de band met diverse plaatsnamen er achter vermeld staan. Toen wist ik het zeker”. Het blijkt de tourkalender te zijn van 42 optredens in Amerika waar wordt opgetreden in zalen en stadions met een minimale capaciteit van 20.000 toeschouwers.

woensdag, juni 29

Matt Nathanson is geboren in Boston op 28 maart 1973. Hij speelt al vanaf zijn 6de jaar gitaar en het was toen al zijn droom muzikant te worden. Hij groeide op in Lexington. Op de middelbare school speelde hij in de schoolband.

Op 19 jarige leeftijd maakte hij zijn eerste cd:
Please. Matt studeerde toen nog. Zijn muziek heeft een unieke sound. Het is een combinatie van Folk music en rock. Zijn teksten zijn sterk. De shows die hij geeft zijn vaak humoristisch.

Meestal bespeelt Matt de 12-snarige gitaar. In juni 2011 komt zijn nieuwe cd
Modern Love uit.
De song Faster komt van deze cd en is sinds maart 2011 als single verkrijgbaar. Matt is getrouwd met Bridget en woont in San Francisco.

Mooi Voorbeeld hier in een nieuw venster.

dinsdag, juni 28

McClymonts have taken the Australian music scene’s collective breath away. Since forming just a few short years ago, and releasing their debut album, Chaos and Bright Lights, they’ve dominated the Country Music Awards of Australia’s Group of the Year category, winning the Golden Guitar three years in a row.

Now the McClymonts are set to take another step forward with the release of their brand new album, Wrapped Up Good. Recorded in Nashville, the album has harnessed the talents of Taylor Swift’s producer, Nathan Chapman, and the producer of Chaos and Bright Lights, Adam Anders (Miley Cyrus). The result is a collection of stunning songs, from the exquisite ballad “A Woman is a Flame”, which is the perfect vehicle for Samantha’s pure, true vocals, to the fast and furious “Kick It Up and “I’m Not Done With You”, the gentle “I Could Be a Cowboy” and the quirky and clever “The Boy Who Cried Love”.

maandag, juni 27

David Mark Pearce

gooit met Strange Ang3ls zijn allereerste solo project voor de hongerige leeuwen. De veel gevraagde gitarist, songwriter, engineer en producer neemt pas op vijftienjarige leeftijd voor het eerst een gitaar vast, nadat hij had leren drummen. In 1996 behaalde hij zijn diploma in Music Technology aan het London College of Music en Media om enkele jaren later de aandacht te trekken van Oliver Wakeman, zoon van de vermaarde Britse toetsenist en lid van het progressieve Yes. Verder bestaat zijn ervaring uit de samenwerking met de melodische rockband Union Jane en de folk rockgroep Naked Feet.

Nu verschijnt eerstdaags het langverwachte debuut
Strange Ang3ls. Het schijfje omvat tien tracks boordevol boeiende AOR. Dat David Mark Pearce naast een begenadigd componist ook een getalenteerd gitarist is, bewijst hij al vanaf de openingssong ‘Ang3ls (Help Us)’. Dit is zowaar een heus festijn voor de gitaarfreaks onder ons. Daarnaast is de gillende dame de perfecte aanzet naar de muziek die volgt.

Mensen die bands als Journey, Styx, Foreigner en Night Ranger een warm hart toedragen, kunnen blindelings deze schijf aanschaffen. Het verbluffende album ligt vanaf eind juni in de winkelrekken. Bovendien krijgt het kleinood mooi artwork toegemeten, wat voor het anti-downloadpubliek aardig meegenomen blijkt.

zondag, juni 19

Voor alle bezoekers.
De boel staat even op een laag pitje.


donderdag, juni 16

Ken Hensley

2011 album from the former Uriah Heep keyboardist.
Recorded in Riga, Latvia in three weeks with Live Fire, Faster offers everything you would expect from a classic Ken Hensley record... and more.

Opening up with the mystical and mesmerizing melodic rock of "Set Me Free (From Yesterday)", Hensl
ey & Live Fire deliver goods as well as setting the tone for an album that is nothing short of strong songwriting, hooks and pure playfulness. Faster shows that Hensley's head and soul are still full of Rock, and hopefully will be for quite some more albums and shows to come.

woensdag, juni 15

Ronnie Dunn.

2011 debut solo album by the Country singer/songwriter best known as half of multi-million selling duo
Brooks & Dunn.

For Dunn and for all the fans he earned along the way, this deeply felt new effort has been a long time coming. In many ways, Ronnie Dunn is literally the album of a lifetime for the man whose name now gives this remarkable collection of songs its title.

The album reflects perhaps the most intense soul searching Ronnie Dunn has ever done as a recording artist — and as a man too. A famed perfectionist by nature, Dunn admits that he threw himself into the creative process for the album in a very big way as he produced his own solo debut.

dinsdag, juni 14

Night Ranger's brand new album SOMEWHERE IN CALIFORNIA has just been confirmed for a June 21st North American release via Frontiers Records. The offering is the culmination of the band's work to date and celebrates the 30th anniversary of Night Ranger. SOMEWHERE IN CALIFORNIA finds Night Ranger returning to their classic sound with updated production. Frontman/bassist Jack Blades commented, "Night Ranger is back with a vengeance!

Like no other 80s rock band, Night Ranger both epitomized and transcended the sound and style of that decade.
Early on, their sing-along rock songs and good looks packed clubs and theaters drawing the attention of legendary promoter Bill Graham. Soon Night Ranger was appearing in concert with major artists but it wouldn't be long before they were headlining their own ARENA shows. Night Ranger's debut album Dawn Patrol hit the charts hard, going instantly Top 40 with the, now anthemic single, "Don't Tell Me You Love Me".

Night Ranger left an indelible mark with a string of best-selling albums that sold more than 16 million copies worldwide. The band's popularity was fuelled by an impressive string of instantly recognizable hit singles and signature album tracks, including "Sister Christian," "(You Can Still) Rock In America," "When You Close Your Eyes," "Sentimental Street," "Goodbye" and the afore mentioned "Don't Tell Me You Love Me." Harnessing the frenetic drive of heavy metal to hook-laden rock songs, throwing in a stunning twin lead guitar team, and melodious, radio-friendly power ballads, Night Ranger inspired new descriptive phrases such as "melodic metal" and "metal power pop". They became the standard-bearer of a new sound.

maandag, juni 13

The range of artists stepping up to pay tribute to the master electric guitarist as he turns ninety is staggering. From '50s and '60s guitar slingers like Buddy Guy, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Steve Miller to stars of subsequent decades like Billy Gibbons, Joe Perry, Richie Sambora, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, they cross continents and generations.

The songs celebrate the Les Paul guitar as well as the man. While he appears throughout, he's part of a generally raucous setting that leaves no volume knob unturned. The guests are often also the vocalists, but it's the guitars that carry the day. Purists may wag their fingers at the use of Sam Cooke's vocals in a contemporary recording, but Les Paul himself was never afraid of what new possibilities a tape recorder could unlock.

Released in celebration of Les Paul's 90th birthday, AMERICAN MADE WORLD PLAYED pays tribute to the master guitarist and inventor who changed the face of jazz, country, blues, and rock with his recording and guitar-design innovations. While the lineup here is stellar and includes vocalists Sting, Joss Stone, and Mick Hucknall (Simply Red), and guitarists Joe Perry (Aerosmith) and Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), among others, the album is at its best when it allows Paul to shine in an instrumental setting, as on the slinky rendition of Duke Ellington's "Caravan" and the funky "69 Freedom Special."

Luisteren vooral even naar "bad case of lovin you" van Billy Gibbons".

zondag, juni 12

Hi. My name is Matt Wertz, and this is my bio.

Hier een mooi voorbeeld wat ie doet.

Usually these aren’t written by the artist, at least at this level- but as I was trying to decide who could tell my story the best, I felt like that person was me. So, I’d like to be the one to tell you where I come from, why I write music, what I’ve seen happen along the way, and where I see things going according to my finite vision.

I’m from Liberty, Missouri, but have called Nashville, Tennessee, home for the last seven years. It seems fitting that I would be writing my own biography on the cusp of my first major label release, just as I did eight years ago before releasing my first independent album. This time, though, I’m not trying to play it off like I didn’t write it.

I grew up in a home where I was encouraged to explore and dive into whatever grabbed my attention. Sports? Sure. Art? You bet. Girls? Yep. Music? Obviously. There was no expectation other than to do my best “and let God do the rest,” as my Mom always says. With that kind of freedom end encouragement, I did just that—I played sports for the fun of them, made art because I loved to create, and eventually, I wrote and performed music… because I had to.

How do I know? Because these songs emanate from the pages of my life, and I’ve seen first-hand the way that people have connected with them from their own experiences. In eight years of touring through hundreds of venues, playing three albums’ worth of songs for thousands of listeners, that connection is what fuels my passion. Ultimately, the thing that you and I have here—between the words and the chords and the lights and the beats—that is the thing that encourages me to keep singing.

zaterdag, juni 11

Anna Nalick.
Her beautifully mysterious and uplifting hit "Breathe (2 a.m.)" continues to grace radio, TV and movie soundtracks. Nearly 1 million copies of her debut album "Wreck Of The Day" are cherished by fans to whom she remains indebted and appreciative. Her songs and recordings are a reminder that she is one of the most intriguing and promising singer/songwriters of the new millennium. As a sole writer and principal performer, Anna was awarded a prestigious ASCAP Pop Award.
Anna is currently working on a new album for release in 2011.

En die hebben we inmiddels.
Spelertje hier.

vrijdag, juni 10

Everyone misses the point about REO Speedwagon: the critics who call their music corporate and faceless, even fans looking for a 70s-80s nostalgia trip every summer with Frampton Comes Alive XXIII. Unlike studio-born contemporaries such as Toto and Journey, REO came from the midwest and built its reputation on non-stop touring.

Even amidst changes in personnel and musical tastes, their music, reflected in their best and most popular songs contained here, reflect persistence and perserverence. Look down the titles: "ROLL with the Changes," "KEEP on Loving You," "KEEP Pushing," "Don't Let Him Go," "Ridin' The Storm Out." (Not to mention "Keep The Fire Burnin'" a great 1982 hit which didn't make it here.)

These songs are about staying in the game (whether the game is love or career) when many feel it's no longer necessary. It's no accident that their breakthrough 1977 live album was called, "You Get What You Play For"; REO's success was belated but earned. This is more than a best-of CD. Even with the hit ballads it's a mission statement that rocks.

donderdag, juni 9

Tjsa, wat kunnen we nog zeggen over Saxon? De band heeft in de afgelopen 32 jaar bijna klassieker na klassieker afgeleverd en hoewel ze ook mindere albums hebben gemaakt, heeft men sinds ‘Dogs Of War’(1995) en vooral het fantastische ‘Unleash The Beast’ (1997) alleen maar kwalitatief hoogwaardige albums afgeleverd. Al vanaf ‘Lionheart’ (2004) laat Saxon met elk album een mix van hun onvervalste snelle heavy metal kant en de ander de meer ouderwetse rockachtige horen.

De band’s negentiende studioalbum, ‘Call To Arms’, is dan ook precies hetgeen geworden wat je had kunnen en mogen verwachten van de Britse legende en de band slaat de spijker weer op de kop.

De productie heeft dit keer niet in handen van Charlie Bauerfeind gelegen (die sinds ‘Lionheart’ elk album produceerde en eerder ook verantwoordelijk was voor ‘Metal Head’), maar het album is opgenomen in Engeland onder leiding van Toby Jepson (Little Angels) en uiteraard Biff. Dat is het album en de band alleen maar ten goede gekomen, want het album heeft hierdoor een meer nuchtere en rockerige karakter gekregen. Alles bij elkaar is ‘Call To Arms’ een typische en wederom kwalitatief hoogwaardig album geworden. En als een band op leeftijd (laten we eerlijk zijn) na al die jaren nog altijd zo energiek, enthousiast, vertrouwd en tegelijkertijd verfrissend voor de dag kan komen, verdient dat alleen maar respect.

woensdag, juni 8

Andrew Gold, the singer-songwriter best known for 1977's "Lonely Boy" single, died Friday in his sleep from a heart attack. He was 59. That song was heard in films such as Boogie Nights and Water Boy. Another song, "Thank You for Being a Friend," was heard on TV each week for almost a decade as the theme song for The Golden Girls. Gold was also known for his late '70s tune, "Do Wah Diddy."

The L.A. native began writing songs at age 13. By the early 1970s, he was working as a musician, songwriter and record producer. He was a member of the Los Angeles band Bryndle. In 1975, Gold set out on a solo career and released four albums during that decade.

The year 1975 also marked Gold's successful collaboration with Art Garfunkel. He played all the instruments on Garfunkel's No. 1 UK hit, "I Only Have Eyes For You." Aside from Garfunkel, Gold also worked with or produced music for artists including Cher, Brian Wilson, Don Henley, Celine Dion and members of the Beatles. He is survived by his wife and three daughters. -

dinsdag, juni 7

Drastic Fantastic is the second studio album by Scottish Singer-songwriter KT Tunstall. It was released by Relentless Records on 10 September 2007 in the United Kingdom and 18 September 2007 in the United States and Canada.

The album received warm, though conservative, praise by most critics. Music critics from The Observer gave Drastic Fantastic five stars, stating the album was "bursting with so many hits that Tunstall's comic-book life is about to go stratospheric". Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone gave the album three-and-a-half stars out of five, and said that the album's sound was a "flashback" to 1997 by noting similarities between the songs on Drastic Fantastic and songs written 10 years earlier.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic gave the album four out of five, calling Drastic Fantastic "a rare beast: a pop album with a songwriter's heart". However, some critics were less impressed, stating that the album was overproduced and lacked the "folky" touch of her previous album Eye to the Telescope. - wikipedia

zondag, juni 5

Met een bijna twee uur durende show in een uitverkocht Gelredome, heeft Ilse deLange een nieuwe mijlpaal bereikt: haar grootste show tot nu toe. Maanden is er naar toe geleefd door fans en bovenal door de zangeres zelf. DeLange pakt groots uit met maarliefst 24 nummers, waaronder hits als So Incredible en bijna het complete nieuwe album Next To Me.

Het is meteen duidelijk dat Ilse DeLange een enorme groei heeft doorgemaakt, wanneer ze haar entree maakt op Rather Be Alone. Met een bijna twee uur durende show in een uitverkocht Gelredome, heeft Ilse deLange een nieuwe mijlpaal bereikt: haar grootste show tot nu toe. Maanden is er naar toe geleefd door fans en bovenal door de zangeres zelf.

Daarnaast won Ilse zo ongeveer iedere muziekprijs die er te winnen valt: een Edison voor Beste Vrouwelijke Artiest en Beste Nederlandse Artiest, een 3FM Award voor Beste Popartiest en Beste Zangeres, een Gouden Harp, een Gouden Notenkraker en meerdere TMF Awards.
Het concert in 2012 zal weer een onvergetelijke avond worden! De voorbereidingen zijn dan ook nu al in volle gang. Ilse zal tijdens ?GELREDOME II? haar nieuwste repertoire ten gehore brengen, maar natuurlijk ook haar grote successen van de afgelopen jaren zoals 'Next to Me', 'The Great Escape', 'So Incredible' en 'Miracle'.

De hoes is niks hoor, daarom een ander plaatje van Ilse.
Live in Gelredome is een dubbel CD.

zaterdag, juni 4

Sahara Hotnights are four women in their early 20s who are from a little northern town in Sweden. Out of boredom, they started playing together in their pre-teens. When they were around fifteen they played at a "Battle of Bands" contest. The winner would get to record their own demo in a studio. Sahara Hotnights won and their story begins here. They recorded an EP titled "Suits Anyone Fine" and became a big live favorite around Sweden.

In 1998 they had enough songs to start thinking about doing a proper album. In late 1999 they released their debut album "C'Mon Let's Pretend." It took the country by storm.
They kept touring and in the summer they got the award for best live band by the biggest Swedish newspaper.

They also played to a full crowd at the Hultsfred Festival. They took a year off and then recorded Jennie Bomb, their most successful album yet. With an international interest in Swedish bands like The Hives and International Noise Conspiracy, Sahara Hotnights soon caught on outside of Sweden. Currently, they are touring the USA for the first time. I met the lead singer and guitarist, Maria Anderson (3rd from front), in Hollywood recently. We talked about the band and we got to hang out at Book Soup. Maria ended up buying Spin and a book by JT Leroy. The band has a long two month tour ahead. Did we mention they are really hot?

vrijdag, juni 3

Music is a battlefield, and Benatar is a survivor with enough integrity not to coast on past glories. Here she and inamorato Neil Geraldo cowrite 11 new tunes that escape the '80s by virtue of a more acoustic-based sound and the unexpected violin fills of Allison Cornell. "River of Love" is the anthemic rocker, "Purgatory" boasts a subtle Latin lilt, and her working girl fans will cheer along with "I Don't Want to Be Your Friend."

This CD is probably the finest work Pat and Neil have produced over their 20 year collaboration period. Mature and adult, these tunes still rock with the signature Benatar style. This time out, however, they have traded bombast for a more lyric and beautifully texturized instrument mix - violin and viola, cello, and Neil's 12 & 6 string, and acoustic guitar playing.

Take a listen to Only You, Pergatory or At This Time, and you'll hear Pat's voice hasn't lost anything. Her voice is still clear, bright and strong like we all remember from her years in the spotlight in the 80's. You can also smile to yourself that you have the good taste enough to have chosen such a rare and unfortunately, underexposed CD.

Ik kom ff een filmpie tegen van martina macBride en Pat Benetar.
Dit is echt steengoed hoor, good times come back !
Kijk hieronder, zal je niet tegenvallen.

Dit filmpje van Martina en Pat hier downloaden

donderdag, juni 2

Chris Ousey’s career goes from strength to strength. His first main achievement was the lead vocalist role in Jason Bonham's band Virginia Wolf. The group notched up 250,000 album sales between two records wich remains as melodic rock / AOR classics 'til today. After that, Ousey formed a new project with guitarist Gary Sharpe; HEARTLAND.
Their self titled debut in the early nineties was produced by James Jimbo Barton (Trixter, Steve Perry, Queensryche).

Chris and Gary later got together and put out 'Wide Open' in 1994. Both albums were warmly received by the audience and critics.
Later that year, guitar virtuoso Steve Morris joins the band. Morris is an experienced musician having recorded two albums on a major label with his group Export ('Living in fear of the Private Eye' and 'Export'), 3 discs with Ian Gillan and shared songwriting credits with the likes of Bob Halligan Jr. and Michael Bolton. 'Heartland III' has done extremely well since its release in November, 1995 and 15 years later is still very much a popular album.

This third outing was considered more commercial than the previous two albums, but nevertheless kept the rock fan's respect as well as gaining a wider audience.
In early 1997 the album 'Bridge Of Fools' was unleashed, with a return to rock roots and more of a 'band' feel. "Travelling Through Time" is an enjoyable way to be reminded of how great HEARTLAND are, one of the best and consistent melodic rock bands of the last 20 years, with all their classics plus many songs that you just never have heard before.

woensdag, juni 1

De Britse zusjes Charley en Hattie Webb debuteerden ruim 10 jaar geleden met het in Nashville opgenomen A Piece Of Mind. Het vijf jaar geleden in de roemruchte Abbey Road studio opgenomen Daylight Crossing klonk minstens even Amerikaans en leverde The Webb Sisters bijna uitsluitend bijzonder positieve recensies op.

We hebben ruim 5 jaar moeten wachten op de derde plaat van de Britse zusjes, maar Savages blijkt het lange wachten meer dan waard. Charley en Hattie Webb hebben in de tussentijd overigens niet stil gezeten. Samen met Sharon Robinson verzorgden The Webb Sisters de afgelopen jaren de achtergrondvocalen bij hun held Leonard Cohen tijdens diens wereldtoernooi waar lange tijd geen eind aan leek te komen. The Webb Sisters stonden bijna 250 keer met Leonard Cohen op de planken en dat blijft natuurlijk niet onbeloond.

The Webb Sisters vertolken op hun derde plaat op fraaie wijze Cohen’s If It Be Your Will en uiteraard doet de oude meester mee middels een spoken word bijdrage. Het is een van de vele hoogtepunten op deze prachtige plaat.
Tijdens de opnamen van Savages werkten The Webb Sisters met producer Peter Asher en de nodige bekende sessiemuzikanten. Asher draait al wat langer mee, heeft onder andere gewerkt met 10,000 Maniacs en Linda Rondstadt en past goed bij de muziek die The Webb Sisters maken. Het levert een mooie mix van eigentijdse en tijdloze muziek op, die voor een belangrijk deel is te vangen in de hokjes folkpop en countrypop . Op basis van het gebodene op Savages durf ik dan ook wel te voorspellen dat The Webb Sisters met deze plaat definitief door gaan breken naar een groot publiek. Daar valt helemaal niets op af te dingen, want het fraaie Savages is in alle opzichten een plaat om te koesteren