vrijdag, september 30

De hoesjes van Beth had je nog tegoed.
Hier het hele boekje.

woensdag, september 28

Good luck and true love.

For fifteen years Reckless Kelly has been doing things their way, bucking the mainstream system and playing by their own rules, straddling the fence between country and rock as if they built it themselves. Throughout the years their old school approach to recording has always adhered to one main objective: make each record better than the last. Their latest effort, “Good Luck & True Love” is no exception to this rule.
Recorded in an old farmhouse-turned studio in Austin Texas, and released on the bands new independent label “No Big Deal Records,”

“Good Luck & True Love” is pure, driving, uncut Reckless Kelly. The songs are all written or co-written by front man Willy Braun and range in subject matter from road songs, (“Weatherbeaten Soul,” “Hit The Ground Running”) to songs about music, (“New Moon Over Nashville,” “I Stayed Up All Night Again”) and songs about good old-fashioned heartbreak (“Guarded Heart,” “She Likes Money, He Likes Love,” and “I Never Liked St. Valentine”). The album is the 9th in RK’s ever-growing catalogue and is the 3rd they have produced by themselves.

Online player hier, ook de andere albums. Aanrader.

zondag, september 25

Nieuwe Le-ann Rimes, komt ook deze week uit.
Is een leukertje.

GRAMMY® Award-winning, multi-platinum artist LeAnn Rimes breathes new life into country classics originally performed by male recording artists by reinterpreting each song on her forthcoming new album Lady & Gentlemen due out September 27, 2011 on Curb Records. LeAnn conceived of this concept album in which she covers country greats such as Waylon Jennings, George Jones and Merle Haggard, among others as an opportunity to give a woman’s perspective for each song. The entire album has been rearranged and reinterpreted by LeAnn. 20-time GRAMMY® Award-winner Vince Gill, Darrell Brown (Keith Urban, Rascall Flatts) and LeAnn Rimes executive produced the album. Other producers on the album include Justin Niebank and John Hobbs. “This album was born out of the memories of when I first fell in love with country music and in reflecting, I realized that almost all of my favorite country songs from back then were sung by men,” says LeAnn of the album. “I am honored to take a step back in time and sing these songs from a woman’s perspective and hopefully help reintroduce them to a new audience.” LeAnn first gave a taste of Lady & Gentlemen last year with the release of the remake of “Swingin’,” one of LeAnn’s favorite songs as a child, originally performed by John Anderson in 1983. The song earned LeAnn a 2011 GRAMMY® nomination for “Best Female Country Vocal Performance.” There will be several bonus tracks on Lady & Gentlemen, including as a special thank you to fans, LeAnn remaking her signature song “Blue” 15 years after it was released. “I have been performing the song for years, it’s become a classic that people love just as much as I do, so it felt natural to remake the song for this album that covers country classics,” says LeAnn. Additionally, the album will feature two original new songs as bonus tracks, including her current radio single “Give.” The soaring, moving ballad showcases LeAnn’s signature voice wrapped around powerful and positive lyrics. To hear the song, which is currently at radio and available digitally, visit LeAnnRimesWorld.com. “’Give’ is a powerful song with a message that I believe needs to be shared with the world, especially in these times of today,” LeAnn says. “I'm so honored to sing this song and help spread that message.” Also included on the album is “Crazy Women,” a fun, up-tempo song about how love drives everyone crazy sometimes.

vrijdag, september 23

Brievenbusservice :

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Beth Hart, known for her raw and powerful blues-rock sound, wraps her expressive vocals around classic soul covers on Don’t Explain, an album that grew out of her friendship with the acclaimed Blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa. Produced by Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Black Country Communion), Don’t Explain is an intimate collection of hand-picked soul cover versions, as performed by celebrated artists, such as Gil Scott-Heron, Tom Waits, Etta James and Aretha Franklin.

Don’t Explain perfectly combines Beth Hart’s raspy soulful vocal with Bonamassa’s unique guitar sound, Kevin Shirley, who has produced Bonamassa’s last five albums, reflects on what it was like working with Beth for the first time – “Beth’s got a pretty heady voice, very reminiscent of Janis Joplin, she’s also got a lot of Etta James in her, but hadn’t really accessed it. With this material, there is a gentleness to the way she delivers the most heartfelt tunes that she hasn’t shown before. It’s very cool, she’s done a fantastic job.”

maandag, september 19

SuperHeavy is the collaborative efforts of 5 outstanding superstars, Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, AR Rahman and Damian "Jr Gong" Marley. Mick Jagger has teamed up with Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart, soul singer Joss Stone, Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack composer A.R. Rahman and reggae star Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley to form a band cooperative project called SuperHeavy.

SuperHeavy came together after Jagger and Stewart considered what a band comprising of musicians from different genres would sound like. Jagger explains, "Dave really wanted to make a record with a different group of musicians, in other words, with different backgrounds of music. Instead of everyone being a rock musician, or basically a blues musician, or some other genre, he wanted to get as many genres together that would fit. I said it sounds like a good idea, I never thought it would actually happen."

vrijdag, september 16

In the short span of a decade, his name has become synonymous with Alberta, independence, and quality, but these accolades haven’t come without a few twists and turns along the way. Ask him, and he’ll tell you they’ve been the product of years of give and take, faith, and grace, words from the first single, “Didn’t Even See The Dust”, off of the album “Risk”.

Plaatje is downloaden via multiupload.

vrijdag, september 9

De nieuwe single is de voorloper van het gloednieuwe Lady Antebellum album dat 3 oktober verschijnt. Own The Night is de opvolger van Need You Now waarvan wereldwijd meer dan 5 miljoen exemplaren zijn verkocht. Het album haalde in elf landen de gouden of platina status en leverde het trio uit Nashville ook vijf Grammy’s op. Zanger Charles Kelley herinnert zich de avond van de Grammy Awards nog goed. Tegen zijn collega’s Hillary en Dave zei hij: “Dit is ongelofelijk. We zullen dit nooit meer meemaken. Maar nu moeten we naar huis om weer aan het werk te gaan.” En dat werk heeft zijn vruchten afgeworpen. Daarvan is de eerste single ‘Just A Kiss’ het eerste bewijs.
Ik heb hem (de hele cd ) alvast hier.

spelertje hier.