maandag, oktober 31

Barefoot truth -- Carry us on.

The band truly broke through during 2010 with ever-growing audiences who couldn’t get enough of what they had to offer. Persistent touring in support of “Threads” and their acclaimed, high-energy live act were earning Barefoot Truth a loyal fan base that flocked to shows. Meanwhile, online radio service Pandora was spreading their music to worldwide audiences.

The band also provided songs and the film score for the award-winning documentary “Nature Propelled.” The single, “Threads”, also found its way into the MTV music empire, ultimately ending up in the MTV video game “Rock Band”.
It was during that time that they began work on their most accomplished recording yet, “Carry Us On.”

This new release finds Barefoot Truth confidently hitting their stride and at their full power as a group. Much has changed since that summer in 2003, as Barefoot Truth has grown to become a true musical force of nature.

zaterdag, oktober 29

Juweel !!!!

A normal guy, indeed. Casey grew up just south of Forth Worth in Burleson, Texas, where he was active in rodeo as well as his father's greyhound dog racing career.

Music, including 80's and 90's country and healthy doses of Elvis-his mother's favorite-was always a part of Casey's life, though it wasn't until he learned to drive that he truly discovered his passion for it. "You're really not in charge of the radio dial until you've got your own car," he quips, recalling his first musical infatuation with Matchbox 20, who he names a major influence on his songwriting and whose hit, "3 A.M.," he still covers today.

With the entrance of Pat Green onto the Texas music stage, Casey was ushered into the Red Dirt world of Cross Canadian Ragweed, Robert Earl Keen, and Randy Rogers, bands he would follow from show to show to show with his then-girlfriend Melinda, now his wife and manager.

maandag, oktober 24

Toby Keith : Clancy's Tavern

Success can be a tremendous distraction, certainly for the successful and, in many cases, for those who would try to tell their story. For a number of reasons, Toby Keith is a prime example of both, but in very different ways. Recently and again named country music's top-earning country star by Forbes, the Oklahoma-based entertainer receives tremendous notoriety for presiding over a vast and growing enterprise of sold-out tours, chart-topping albums and singles, a rapidly expanding restaurant chain, a signature beverage and more. At the same time, a small fraction of songs in his prolific catalog lead some to fervently politicize him despite a generally apolitical public stance.

Whatever the causes, too often the descriptions applied to Toby Keith obscure the fundamental root of his success: Songwriting. Fortunately, time has a way of clearing those clouds, leaving hope that someday he will be known primarily and rightly as one of the finest popular songwriters of any era in any genre. That outcome is only possible, however, precisely because he has never lost that focus, never been distracted by the ups or the downs.

zaterdag, oktober 22

Montgomery Gentry brengt op 4 oktober het album “Rebels On The Run” uit op het Average Joe label. Op het album, dat geproduceerd is door Michael Knox, staan 11 songs. Vorig jaar verliet het duo het Columbia label. “Het afgelopen jaar is op diverse manieren een hel geweest”, zei Eddie Montgomery. Er werd bij hem prostaatkanker ontdekt. Gelukkig was dit in een vroeg stadium waardoor de kanker adequaat behandeld kon worden.

En alsof dat nog niet genoeg ellende was vroeg daarna zijn vrouw een scheiding aan.
“Zonder Troy, mijn familie, de muziek en onze fans zou ik niet geweten hebben hoe hier positief uit te komen”, aldus Eddie. “Ik weet niet of we hetzelfde album hadden gemaakt als we alles van het afgelopen jaar niet hadden meegemaakt”, zei Troy Gentry. “We hebben altijd getracht songs op te nemen over dingen die we gezien of meegemaakt hebben en de diepte van al deze ervaringen komt tot uitdrukking op het album”.

vrijdag, oktober 21


Her story starts in Adelaide on the southern tip of Australia where, at the age of six, Orianthi began taking an interest in her dad's record collection. "Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Cream, Santana… he was into guitar players that are real songwriters," she boasts. Growing up in the 80s, a decade remembered for its many guitar greats, Orianthi also listened to a lot of Whitesnake, Van Halen and Def Leppard. Her father, who used to be a player in a Greek band, also kept plenty of instruments around the house, and it didn't take long before Orianthi strummed her first chord. Mastering the six-string came naturally.

maandag, oktober 17

Heftige band !

Australia's best kept secret Syndicate have just produced a groundbreaking debut album with some of the biggest names in rock: Jeff Blue (Linkin Park), Brandon Friesen (Nickelback), Matt Sorum (Velvet Revolver/Guns N' Roses), Mike Fraser (AC/DC) - just to name a few... an album of iconic rock songs recorded in Los Angeles to share with the world.

The album was recorded in Los Angeles with Jeff Blue (Linkin Park, Matchbox 20, Korn, Limp Bizkit, The Last Goodnight) , Brandon Friesen (Nickelback, Sum 41, The Music) and Scott Humphrey (Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Andrew WK, The Cult). Inspiration is the key word in the Syndicate rock ethos. Such is the reason that they attracted such stars like Matt Sorum(Velvet Revolver, Guns and Roses, The Cult), Brent Fitz (Slash, Alice Cooper, Theory of a Deadman), Gil Sharone (Dillinger)

zaterdag, oktober 15

Ik kan niet anders zeggen, ZZ top is niet mijn fovoband maar dit is toch wel een heel leuk album.

An all-star cast came together to record the forthcoming ZZ Top tribute album, A Tribute from Friends. Bands and artists that covered the legendary band’s songs include Wolfmother, Nickelback, Daughtry, Wyclef Jean, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Duff McKagan’s Loaded, Filter, Mastodon, Jamey Johnson and Coheed & Cambia, according to Blabbermouth.

Yet, one of the most interesting contributors to the album, is a supergroup that was put together specifically for this tribute. Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, the foundation of Fleetwood Mac, brought on guitar great Jonny Lang and superstar Steven Tyler to form The M.O.B. The band kicks off the compilation with their version of “Sharp Dressed Man.”

donderdag, oktober 13

Eleven is a studio album by Martina McBride, released through the record label Republic Nashville on October 11, 2011.[2][3][4] The title of the album was inspired by the fact that it is McBride's eleventh studio album, it has eleven tracks and its release date.

A deluxe edition of the album was also made available exclusively at Target stores.[5] It featured slightly different cover art, with a blue fade at the bottom instead of white, and included four bonus tracks, as well as music videos for "Teenage Daughters" and "I'm Gonna Love You Through It".

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Hoi, luister eens naar nummer 3.

Maybe I'm a dreamer, maybe just a fool.
Lately I can hardly see the sun. If you had a secret I could take a guess. But nothin' in your eyes seems to hold me. Truth or consequences which one will it be. Someone said that time would ease the pain. Of two lives love has torn apart. But I believe whoever wrote that song Never had a broken heart. One of us is hiding, one of us can tell. And no one likes to be the first to know. Someone has to answer, 'cause someone has to ask. Keeping on like this is torture. And going undecided is twice as bad for sure. Someone said that time would ease the pain. Of two lives love has torn apart. But I believe whoever wrote that song. Never had a broken heart. No, I can't believe it's over, it's over. I need you more then ever and ever

Sweet Forgiveness is het zesde album van Bonnie Raitt. Het werd uitgebracht in 1977. Dit album betekende het eerste commerciële succes voor Raitt door het succes van haar cover van Del Shannons "Runaway".

Haar versie, een R&B-nummer in de stijl van Al Green, werd neergehaald door veel critici, maar het publiek was het daar niet mee eens. Het commerciële succes van Sweet Forgiveness zorgde voor rivaliteit tussen de grote platenmaatschappijen Columbia Records en Warner Bros. Records, waar Raitt een contract had. De twee maatschappijen waren op rond die tijd verwikkeld in een strijd om de beste artiesten, en Columbia wilde Raitt hebben. Omdat Warner Bros. Raitt niet kwijt wilde, besloten zij het bod van Columbia te evenaren, en Raitt bleef. Sweet Forgiveness eindigde op nummer 25 in de Pop Albums-hitlijst van het Amerikaanse blad Billboard. De Single Runaway kwam op 57 in de Pop Singles-lijst.

Eric Sardinas and Big Motor are back. After their successful 2008 debut they return in 2011 with "Sticks And Stones". Sardinas has put his onstage lighting in a bottle for the new album "Sticks And Stones", an 11-song odyssey that ricochets from die-hard country blues to stone boogie to romantic pop to flame-thrower rock n roll.

Matt Gruber, whose credits range from Ricky Martin and Carrie Underwood to the Scorpions and Lit, returns for Sticks And Stones an album that Sardinas says captures the full range of his playing and the full excitement of his trio's stage performances in a studio setting for the first time.

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Sugarland : erg goed hoor dit.

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Ach, kijkt er nog wel eens iemand hier ? Nou vooruit ik doe er eentje op de zaterdagochtend: een dame waar niemand hier ooit van gehoord heeft maar groot is in de VS.

Carpenter was born in Princeton, N.J. in 1958 and lived in Japan from 1969 to 1971 before moving to Washington, D.C. Carpenter’s early musical loves included The Mamas & the Papas, Woody Guthrie, The Beatles and Judy Collins.

Carpenter grew up playing the guitar and between college years at Brown University she would play local bars and clubs in the Washington, DC area.
After graduating from Brown in 1981, Carpenter continued playing and being a part of Washington’s music scene, where she met guitarist John Jennings, who would become her co- producer and long-time collaborator. Within a few years, she recorded a demo tape that led to a deal with Columbia Records where she spent nearly 20 years and sold over 13 million albums.