donderdag, november 29

Een vent heeft er zijn hobby van gemaakt oude fotocamera's te scoren en de onontwikkelde films te ontwikkelen en online te plempen. Je zou dus zomaar eens je ex kunnen tegenkomen.

About 10 years ago while living in Oregon, I came across an old Nikon rangefinder in a seaside junk shop. The metal body was battered and the lens looked like a coke bottle that had been dragged down 5 miles of asphalt. The camera had been dead a long time. I was about to set it down when I noticed that there was a roll of film inside. I slowly rewound the film, popped the door, and was rewarded with a pristine roll of Kodachrome. I asked the guy at the counter how much he wanted for it. "Gimme a quarter" he replied. I paid the man and drove home with the mystery roll. And then I forgot about it for 2 years. The roll of film came back into view after we one again sold most of what we owned, tossed the dogs into the Jeep, and moved back to Maine. One day I was unpacking some clothes and found the solitary roll of film waiting at the bottom of the box. I sent it off for processing....about a year later.

woensdag, november 28

Anyone who has been on the London Underground recently will recognise her voice. For eight years its calm, measured tone has politely urged millions of passengers every day to 'mind the gap' and thanked them for travelling on the Tube. But the woman behind the voice is no fan of the capital's transport system, which she avoids using at all costs. And she has just revealed what she really thinks about it by recording a series of scathing, but hilarious, spoof announcements and posting them on her website. In them, Emma Clarke lets rip at American tourists, Sudoku solvers and commuters who stare at female passengers' breasts.

dinsdag, november 27

The Bay of Nouadhibou, seven miles south from the Mauritanian city, hides one the biggest ship cemeteries in the world. There are more than 300 wrecks around the harbour, resting for years and coming from all nations.

A brief walk through Google Maps will show you hundreds of skeletons piled here and there, at the biggest collection of rusty giant ships you could ever imagine.

However, there isn’t any magic or mystery in this squalid place. For years, Mauritanian harbour officers were so corrupt, that they let ships be discarded in the harbour in exchange of some cash. Discarding a ship is quite expensive for a company, so during the decades, lots of unwanted ships ended up in the Harbour of Nouadibou.

maandag, november 26

Roughneck Rabbit's Fight Club.Welcome to the official Blog of Kai Spannuth's. ROUGHNECK RABBIT and the RRFC (Roughneck Rabbit's Fight Club).

zondag, november 25

Graffiti (meervoud van graffito, het verkleinwoord van graffio (kras, krab) van het Latijnse werkwoord graffiare (krassen, krabben) dat weer komt van het Griekse werkwoord grapho (inkrassen, schrijven, graveren). Het woord "graffiti" betekent "krasjes") is het op straat of in andere min of meer openbare plaatsen met verf of viltstift aanbrengen van mededelingen of afbeeldingen. Vaak wordt graffiti in verband gebracht met vandalisme. Graffiti bestaat echter ook als kunstvorm.

zondag, november 18

De band Bon Jovi is in 1983 opgericht door Jon Bon Jovi. Jon is ook degene die bij PolyGram, de platenmaatschappij zijn handtekening zette waardoor de rest min of meer in dienst van Jon staat.

Het allereerste bandlid was David Bryan, een oude schoolvriend van Jon. Hierna volgden Alec John Such, Tico Torres en als laatste Richie Sambora. In 1984 kwam het debuutalbum uit: Bon Jovi (oorspronkelijk zou het Tough Talk heten, maar de naam is op het laatste moment veranderd). Dit album bevatte de hit Runaway. Het album werd niet zozeer een daverend succes. Ook het volgende album 7800º Fahrenheit met nummers zoals In and out of Love en Only Lonely bleef daarbij hangen. Voor het volgende album huurde ze een professionele songwriter in, Desmond Child. Ze schreven zo'n 30 nummers en pikten er de beste uit. Het album, Slippery When Wet, werd een wereldwijd succes.

dinsdag, november 13

Conceptually, my work has been motivated by my concern for the social and political effects of mass media on society. Much of our perception of the world outside our own direct experiences comes through some form of media.

This second hand experience is a limited one and yet, decisions are made and opinions founded upon these simulated experiences. What are the consequences of functioning under this substitute reality? My paintings question these aspects of the human experience by confronting what we don’t see, or don’t want to see, about ourselves and how we impact the world around us.

vrijdag, november 9

Televisie is vluchtig, maar heeft grote impact. Daarom is het van groot belang media en publiek eraan te herinneren hoe het debat de afgelopen jaren gevoerd is. Met deze aaneenschakeling van abominabele dialogen wil Kosmopolis een rol spelen als het geheugen van het publieke debat.

zondag, november 4

Het eerste grote project van NASA was het Mercury programma dat tot doel had de eerste Amerikanen in de ruimte te brengen, en te bewijzen dat de VS technologisch superieur was. Dit lukte niet want de Sovjet-Unie was de Verenigde Staten opnieuw voor met het Vostokprogramma. De Russen lanceerden Joeri Gagarin, als eerste mens, in een baan rond de aarde op 12 april 1961. Op 5 mei 1961 lanceerden de Amerikanen hun eerste astronaut, Alan Shepard. Die vlucht duurde echter slechts 15 min. en 18 sec., aangezien de raket niet in staat was de mercurycapsule in een baan om de aarde te brengen. NASA beschikte op dat ogenblik nog niet over grote raketten die betrouwbaar genoeg waren.

zaterdag, november 3

Angel De Franganillo was born in the city of León, spain in 1983, where with only 4 years of age, is gets introduced to art by his parents. From this point on, painting his home’s walls and everything else around was the start of evereything. After a short period, angel starts participating in art contest and is soon called by many magazines, newspapers and different brands and companies in order to create their identitis and different illustration work for the same reason. Soon after he decides to study graphic design and moves to Barcelona after graduating where he enrolls in different video and moviemaking courses. Nowadays he works for a variety of clients in all fiels of audiovisual and interactive communication work and keeps painting everything else that is around him.

vrijdag, november 2

As colonialism in Africa came to an end in the early 1960s, a continent of unstable nations was left tragically ill-prepared for their new-found independence. Over the next 3 years, Jacopetti and Prosperi would risk their own lives to be among the few eyewitnesses to Africa's agony. From the genocide of Zanzibar to the Watusi and Mau Mau massacres, from mercenary assaults in the Congo to industrial complicity in South African apartheid, the most savage beast on the Dark Continent emerges as man himself. What began as a mere documentary soon became a picture postcard from hell.....