dinsdag, juli 17

Heb je boxen en Quicktime ???? Zet het goed hard aan en kijk naar deze film.

I was born in 1980 and live in Mainz, Germany. Since 1999 I am working as a freelancer for 3D, print and web media. You can browse through my portfolio at www.framebox.de > Galerie The production of "Delivery" began in September, 2004 with the storywriting but the final rendering wasn't finished until February, 2005 after 6 months of working day and night. It's been produced in 1280x720p resolution and I used 3ds max 7 and Adobe After Effects. It was made using 50% keyframing and 50% motion capturing.
Klik hier voor de film. Klik hier voor de website. Klik hier voor de maker.