dinsdag, oktober 10

I have been writing as long as I can remember. When I was in elementary school, I used to type out these silly little “articles” and stories on our electric typewriter, and then cut them up and pasted them onto a bigger sheet of paper. I drew pictures to go along with some of the pieces, or beg my mom (who was-and is-much better at drawing) to do it for me. My dad would copy them at work, and I would pass them out to everyone I saw.

Hot Coffee Girl, to me, is a home for the disabused. Those of us who are fed up with all the nice shit in the world come to you to learn how to stop crying our hearts out. Things have been tough for you (though many of your readers may not know to what degree). You approach these things as though they're important enough for the telling, yet with an understanding that everyone has their own stories. You apologize for getting overly sentimental, and then tell us all to fuck off with our apologies and our sentiment. We are clearly made aware of what is and what isn't cool, even by a person who admits that she is sometimes pathologically uncool. You are here to teach us, and you are here to learn. You are here to be tough, you are here to break down, and you'll take us all though it (mostly) unapologetically.”