zaterdag, november 18

If The Cardigans’ previous album was majestic and mature, “Super Extra Gravity” is an unruly and spectacular album. Still, there are similarities. The band succeeds in retaining everything that was good about ”Long Gone Before Daylight” while, at the same time, rebelling against it. Continuity and reaction in one. That the last album marked the beginning of a new chapter in the Swedish band’s history was obvious. However, as their composer/guitarist Peter Svensson puts it, ”it just wouldn’t be The Cardigans if we went in and made the same album again”. So, what was the inspiration this time around? – We wanted to make an album that was ”strange and good”, says singer/lyricist Nina Persson. The idea was that each song should contain something twisted and spectacular. Both Nina and Peter independently mention The Pixies as an inspiration. – Not surprisingly, we don’t sound like them at all, Peter smiles.