maandag, november 13

Well that's it.. 30 shorts in 30 days are done! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them. It's been a surprisingly smooth ride. When I released #1, I had 6 of them already made.. so there was a 6 day buffer for me. However, by #10 (Sore Tooth) my 6 day buffer had become 1 day.. partly due to visitors at our house, a weekend day trip and partly due to too much 'taking it easy'. On October 31, I released two movies which meant I'd lost my 1 day buffer.. that is, each day I was creating the movie to be uploaded at 6pm that evening. After uploading a new one at 6pm, I'd get to work storyboarding and roughing out the next day's. Now that it's done, I will be back to work on Brackenwood. I still have lots of ideas on the notepad here, so one day I'll probably do another series of 30 days: 30 shorts.