zondag, maart 11

Shawn Barber.
we do what we have to, to get by. it's too easy to give up right away. anything that is worthwhile takes time, patience and an open mind. life is not perfect and you will definitely have down times, that's part of it.

what separates the successful people and the ones still working at coffee shops (i've had my share) is the belief in what you're doing. as long as you're true to yourself and believe in what you're doing- you will become successful. money comes and goes-it's not what is important; sure you've got to eat, but how many people can truly state that they get to do what they love to do every day and are making a living at it. i guess what i'm saying is don't go in thinking about$$$$, or copying someone else's style to make a quick buck, do what YOU do and the money will eventually come. that, and you'll respect yourself and won't regret believing in yourself.

I work everyday-monday to monday, at least eight hours a day. I paint every single day, sometimes a few hours- sometimes several; i'm at a point now where i'm working primarily on personal work, yet a large percentage of time goes into commercial work. i also spend a significant amount of time working on new projects- i design and maintain several artist websites. I also teach two classes at two different art schools and, most recently, have been learning to tattoo. i'm fairly obsessive with everything i do.