maandag, april 16

Swastikas can be found all over the world once you start looking for them. I find them fascinating for some reason. Most people in this part of the world (United States) think of Nazis when they see swastikas and the subject ends there. People forget the swastika was a good luck symbol in the years just before Hitler rose to power.

The Swastikas in this gallery are related to Buddhists, Hindus, Native Americans, Boy Scouts, street gangs, Nazis, homosexuals, and more... This is the only gallery I know of that puts ideology aside and displays the full range of Swastikas in one place.

Make sure to click on all the Swastikas in the gallery - most of them lead to something related. So why include Nazi Swastikas? As insane and dangerous as the Nazis were, it would be an incomplete gallery without them. The Nazis also had a flair for design. They purposefully displayed the swastika in a striking and easy to reproduce manner.

The Nazis lost World War II, but if there had been a military fashion show, the Nazis would have won that. You gotta admit the Nazi officers looked stylish in their full length black leather trench coats, high boots and riding crops.

Enough rambling.. enjoy the gallery!