maandag, augustus 20

Taylor McKimens was born in Seattle (1976), he grew up in Winterhaven, a small town with fewer than 1,000 inhabitants in the Californian desert on the borders of Arizona and Mexico and now lives in New York. His work is focused on drawing, a style of drawing which shows at first glance the influence of the imagery of comic books.

To my mind, McKimens is one of the finest and most exemplary examples of the artists of the new generation which has developed the expressive power of the image without a familiarity with art, the only way until recently, but instead by devouring comic books.

This goes together with a childhood in Winterhaven, exposed to visual seductions, but those brought by mass media, which, by their spectacular nature, truly have the power to penetrate everywhere, far more so than art. As such McKimens only discovered art a long way down his formative journey, by which time the founding experiences, those which make up identity, attitudes and passions, had already taken hold. At this point, reflection on the works of great masters acted to refine and to add understanding, but could no longer find a place amongst the basic ingredients.