zondag, september 30

Kenyon is a graphic artist living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He works as a graphic designer, illustrator, and is also the co-founder/owner of streetwear label Future Relic. Kenyon's work can best be described as graphic satire. From social and political commentary to pop-culture subvertising, each piece is laced with a polluted sense of humor and sarcastic wit bordering on offensive.

Kenyon adopted potty humor and sarcasm rather naturally and learned how to attract attention at an early age. A natural born wise ass, he practiced using filthy words in Mad Libs and scrawling lewd drawings onto bathroom walls. Prohibited from watching R rated films and listening to music with Parental Advisory stickers, Kenyon naturally indulged in both.

Graphic horror movies and raunchy comedies helped nurture a perverse sense of humor, while subversive punk rock and explicit gangsta rap encouraged an adolescent distaste for authority. As he developed his artistic ability to provoke reactions, he discovered his audience divide based on their sense of humor. Therefore, defining this liminal space and exploiting its ambiguous boundaries between funny and offensive has become his objective.