donderdag, januari 3

My art currently deals with the phenomenon of “Porn Chic” which is omnipresent in our society. “Porn Chic” evolved in the 90s when the media contributed to the sexualisation of culture. As a result the boundaries between pornography and culture became blurred and permeable and elements of pornography trickled into the mainstream. Because of its popularity, extension and impact, creating awareness of its existence is, in my opinion, of utmost importance.

I aim to create awareness by blowing up “Porn Chic” images from advertisements and painting them in a semi-photorealistic way on large size canvases whilst maintaining the figure's sense of distance and glam aethetics. Subtly created dissonances, such as an elongated limb or a slightly lopsided eye, exaggerate the characters' expressions and stereotypical personalities. This provokes thought processes and urges the viewer to question this everyday glossy