zaterdag, augustus 21

Toch wel leuk hoor die Johnny Winter. Ik had nog een CDtje ervan. Klik hiernaast op zijn blote buik en hij komt naar binnen in zipgedaante. Onderaan Sugaree, ik ken haar niet.

Let Me In is a star-studded all-blues set from Johnny Winter, featuring cameos from Dr. John, Albert Collins, and several others.

Though the set focuses on blues material, Winters can never leave his rock roots behind -- the sheer volume and pile-driving energy of his performances ensures that. For most of the record, his enthusiasm is contagious, but there are a couple of bland, generic exercises that fail to work up a head of steam. But there is a lovely acoustic number called "Blue Mood," which shows Winter trying to stretch a bit by playing jazzy licks. It's a refreshing change of pace. ~ Thom Owens, All Music Guide