zondag, augustus 29

Vrolijk worden doe je anders.

Hoe aanstekelijk is dit. Rechts de website met "Jeetje wat een cd's hebben die lui al gemaakt" en links de download van hun 20 jarig feestje. Voorbeeld onderaan. Ze komen uit het oosten. "Fiddlers Green"

If you watch the guys from Fiddler's Green take to the stage and rip through their material as powerfully as ever, one thing becomes certain: These folk rock! And they have been doing so for 20 years now! Time to rest? No way! It is time for an anniversary bash!
Let's look back through sweaty times: 1990. The techno craze is all over Germany when a small bunch of dissenters get together around their home kitchen table for a few beers and end up deciding to put an end to the sorry and boring state Folk is in at that time. If somebody had told them at that time that their turbulent combination of reshaped Irish traditional tunes and own songs should become such a smashing success, this person would have received nothing but an ironic smile. Voorbeeld hieronder.