vrijdag, september 17

James W Johnson was born and raised in Upstate NY and moved to Lubbock, Texas in 1978. He received an MFA from Texas Tech University in 1981 and has continued to live in Lubbock as a fulltime studio artist. Johnson has studied and made art for more than 35 years. While being primarily a painter, he has produced a large and complex body of work which includes over 2000 unique pieces in a wide variety of mediums such painting, video, drawing, sculpture, etching, digital, mixed media and furniture.

James W Johnson has participated in over 170 exhibitions worldwide and has over 700 pieces included in more than 200 public and private collections on five contients. (Resume available here.)
Living “outside” of the mainstream art world has allowed James to perfect his craft and independently pursue an impressive flow of ideas and images that defy categorization, yet present his observations about art and life from his unique perspective.