woensdag, september 8

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Victoria Banks' debut album "When You Can Fly" made her the most nominated female artist of 2009 with an overwhelming six nods from the Canadian Country Music Association (Female Artist of the Year, Rising Star, Album of the Year, Single of the Year, Songwriter of the Year and Producer of the Year). She's been labeled a "new sensation", "Canada's secret weapon", and "an overnight success". But tell that to Victoria, and she throws back her head and laughs. "Wow, 'overnight success?' I feel more like a survivor!"
Victoria pours every ounce of that joy and pain into her music. She is a master of her craft as a songwriter, but you haven't really heard a Victoria Banks song until you've heard Victoria sing it.

She makes her music come alive with a uniquely passionate voice that can take you from elation to tears and back again. Sit in the audience at one of her shows and look at the faces around you, and you will understand why this woman was born to be exactly where she is. Looking like Canada's answer to Sheryl Crow and playing the guitar with adept confidence, she is perfectly at home on stage. She's a true entertainer.