dinsdag, oktober 19

I'm a freelance concept artist and illustrator, at the moment living in Gdansk, Poland. I deal with variety of projects - especially CG animations, TV shows and commercials. I'm a self-taught digital painter who owes skills to his unceasing ambition fueled by awesome (but at the same time frustrating haha) artistic individuals over the Internet.

It was in early 90s of the previous century when I first experienced digital art :). Commodore 64 gave incredible palette of 16 colours, resolution of 160x200 pixels and a joystick instead of a tablet. From that time I made noticeable progress, but a statistical man's life length in my country is too short to allow me to achieve the desired level.
I'd like to focus on film and game industry. I enjoy using my imagination and create another worlds. My works are created in many styles and genre, but the most important thing for me is always the mood and atmosphere.