zondag, oktober 10

Nou, daar is ie dan.

North Korea is in the midst of a series of large-scale events designed to both commemorate the 65th anniversary of the founding of its ruling Workers' Party, and to introduce heir apparent Kim Jong Un to the North Korean people and the world. 

Current leader Kim Jong Il is now 69 years old and ailing, and has now positioned his twenty-something son, Kim Jong Un, as his successor through recent military and party promotions, and through media coverage of him by his father's side. Many western reporters were invited to these performances, though their freedom to cover events was still limited by minders. Collected here are images from the recent highly-orchestrated events in Pyongyang, and the "young general" Kim Jong Un.

Hier gaan we nog een hoop gezeik mee krijgen. Klik op Kims hoofd voor Boston-big-picture.