maandag, januari 17

Allison Moorer's
studio albums often seem like private rooms of desire.

However, on this live CD, recorded in a Nashville club in early 2003, the flame-haired singer-songwriter brings everything out into the open. In reprising such favorites as "Alabama Song" and "A Soft Place to Fall," she edges her alto beyond lush chanteuse levels to find her considerable rock and blues chops. "Maybe that'll be my first hit single," she cracks after the well-received and hard-charging "I'll Break Before I Bend."

Sister Shelby Lynne drops by for three engaging duets, including the blistering "Going Down" and a gospel prayer to their slain mother ("Is Heaven Good Enough For You"). A more surprising guest is Kid Rock ("Bully Jones"), who spoils the blood-and-danger mood with his drunken party vibe. Why he's here at all is a mystery because Moorer's a mesmerizing Show all her own.