zaterdag, januari 15

Apollo Drive

is a new shining star on the Swedish modern rock skies, the name is taken from a street in Los Angeles where the band was formed.

This promising band has lots of potential to make it big and producer Anders Bagge ofcourse understood this when he received a demo by this Stockholm based band.

The song "Papercut" has been well received on American Radio and it´s included on their self titled debut album so don´t worry, fans who has been following this band for a while will recognize the beautiful "Time" that comes as track 2 here.
The opener "If you only let me" is another highlight that has every chance of taking the band high on the charts. The new single "Thru the trees" is a very positive piano driven pop/rock song that grows for each time I hear it, I think they sound a bit like The Calling meeting Keane. Modern rock mixed with Britpop so to speak. Also check out their collaboration with Lazee on the youtube video of "Calling out".Very nice!