zaterdag, februari 19

Siobhan Maher-Kennedy is an English singer and songwriter. Maher (who later became Maher-Kennedy when she married producer Ray Kennedy) started her career with a number of children's television shows in the mid-1980's. Before she became better known for her magnificent singing voice.

In 2002, Maher-Kennedy, as she was now officially known, recorded and released a stunning album titled "Immigrant Flower," perhaps her best record to date. With rollicking songs like "Fearless Heart," "Kiss On The Lips," and "Why'd You Have To Be So Good To Me,"

Maher-Kennedy's first real solo release is a must-have for any afficionado of strong, sensuous, and heartfelt female vocalists. Sadly, "Immigrant Flower" is also Maher-Kennedy's last album to date, and fans are both anxious and eager to know if and when she will release another album. She is too precious a talent to risk fading into obscurity, and one can only hope she will make a return to the studio someday.