zondag, maart 13

Lukestar’s third album, Taiga, was released in Norway February 25th 2011. The sound of Taiga resonates in more earthly surroundings than Lukestar’s earlier work. We go into the boreal forests of the northern hemisphere.

In the intersection between nature’s and human’s consciousness, the songs have found their way into the light, guided safely by Truls Heggero’s distinctive and angel like vocals. The album’s sonic qualities are secured by star-producer Carl Vikman. The first single “Flying Canoes” was A-listed on NRK P3 on the day of its release in January 2011. The band was immediately booked to both the Roskilde- and the Öya-festival. Aftenposten – Norways biggest newspaper – caught on early and gave the album 5/6 stars.

Growing up in the far outskirts of Oslo with the wilderness as their nearest neighbor, Truls and the gang started making songs inspired by 80s pop music and Queen. Turning teenagers in the early 90s, the band got swept up by the Nevermind-revolution, as a great deal of their generation did. This led to the fascination that Lukestar still has for 3-chord pop-songs covered in energetic guitars and melodies provoking waves of spine-chills. Since then, Lukestar’s sound has evolved, with guitars, drums, bass & keyboards creating a dynamic universe surrounding the otherworldly falsetto of lead singer Truls´ magnetic voice, which comes to him naturally and quite unexpectedly.