zaterdag, maart 19

On January 1st, Hank Williams III was officially done with his long, contentious 14 year relationship with Nashville major label Curb Records, but when he left, he left with unfinished business. Sitting on a shelf somewhere inside the Curb Records complex was an album called This Ain’t Country that Hank III had turned into them for release. The ensuing legal battle over the release of the album is where the cold war between Curb and Hank III became hot. Curb sat on the album, never releasing it, and refusing to allow Hank III to release it independently or on another label. Now Curb has decided to release it many years later, as well as possibly other shelved recordings as a title called Hillbilly Joker.

The name ‘Hillbilly Joker’ comes from This Ain’t Country’s opening track.
The album was recorded in the early 2000′s, and once Curb would not release it, an online petition was started that read in part: Music is probably the most widespread form of expression throughout the world, crossing many boundaries of race, religion, and gender. When an artist is not allowed to have his or her voice heard because of oppression from those with different views, I consider this a sad and unrighteous act by those who won’t let them speak out. The purpose of this petition is to bring to light the voices of those people who would like to have a fair chance to listen to the recorded material by Hank Williams III and Assjack known as “This Ain’t Country.”

Hank III is saying:
“Don’t buy it, but get it some other way and burn the hell out of it and give it to everyone.”