woensdag, maart 30

Sweden’s Electric Boys were one of the first and most celebrated purveyors of the short-lived funk metal phenomenon of the late ’80s and early ’90s. Led by charismatic singer and guitarist Conny Bloom and with a splash of beatle-esque pop-psychedelia, the quartet garnered rave reviews and built an impressive following in Europe & America.

Their creative juices were also quickly spent, causing the band to disintegrate into obscurity after only three albums.

To be honest I’m not really sure what my expectations were for this reunion album from the Swedish funk ‘o metal combo, but they sure as hell were exceede! The boys sure prove they mean business already in rock-out-smash-in-your-face rocker opener Reeferlord. Man, this band ROCKS!!

All in all this is a really killer album, proving that the boys don’t get older, some just lose their curls or at least cut them a bit shorter. The power’s not in the hair, that’s for sure! Them boys done swang, yes indeed.