vrijdag, mei 20

“Beautifully swelling cello-folk...Wes Swing creates a rich and lilting soundscape that is a sheer joy to explore." The classically trained Virginia based cellist, singer and multi-instrumentalist creates music of an alternative folk and pop variety and “[pushes] upon the boundaries of what defines the singer-songwriter genre".

In live performance, Wes Swing loops his cello and violin, combining layered strings and lyrics imbued with poetry with a full backing band. “Like a cold fall night pierces a mountain hollow...” writes Stephanie Garcia of The Hook. Throughout the recording project, Swing had the opportunity to work with many talented musicians. Backing vocals on "Through a Fogged Glass" were performed by the lovely folk singer Devon Sproule, and the talented Brian Caputo played drums and percussion.

"Wes Swing is creating a very unique and personal style of music", combining elements of minimalism, folk, and rock to create an original sound. "Through a Fogged Glass" represents this variety in a holistic way, with string filled instrumentals surrounded by songs of family, longing, and imagery. For the music of Wes Swing, “listening is the biggest and most beautiful reward of all.”