dinsdag, mei 17

A compilation of 20 girl fronted bands doing 1 song each. Though most of the bands are in the punk / alternative / hard rock genres they don’t have much in common other than that they’re all at least partially female. And there you have it. Some really good songs, some really bad ones and a lot of average material in between.

There's enough good ones on it to buy it I guess. I'll keep my copy and play some of it every now and again.
Some of the bands suck and shouldn’t be on any compilations whatsoever, while most of them are good enough to be treated like a real band rather than a novelty ”girl band” act.

Mmmmm, deze review is twijfelachtig denk ik. Is dit leuk genoeg voor het nageschlacht ? Geen idee. De hoes is in ieder geval helemaal toppie. Daar doen we het voor.