zaterdag, mei 28

On offer here is a two-disc collection of songs from some of the best female singer-songwriters of the moment.

It is a companion to the recently-released Tales To Tell, which showcased male singer-songwriters. Disc one includes ‘The Calculation’ from Regina Spektor, ‘How to Tame Lions’ from Washington, ‘The Last Day on Earth’ from Kate Miller-Heidke, ‘Chinese’ from Lily Allen, ‘No Hard Feeling’ from Paris Wells, and ‘Byrds of Prey’ from Bertie Blackman.

Disc two features ‘Breath Me’ from Sia, ‘Forgiveness’ from Sarah McLachlan, ‘Your Own Kind of Girl’ from Clare Bowditch, ‘Too Late for Loves’ from Gin Wigmore, and ‘Other Side of the World’ from KT Tunstall. This is a pleasant mix of tracks.