vrijdag, juli 15

Time of My Life is an exhilarating, pivotal album from a band bred to exceed expectations every time they step in to the studio. Aptly titled, 3 Doors Down’s fifth career studio effort soars on the collective ethos of a dedicated band doing what they were destined to do. And then some… “We’re a solid, no frills rock band with deep friendships and a good understanding of what it takes to keep the fire going,” declares bassist Todd Harrell.

Translation: They answer only to their fans…and each other.
Front man, Brad Arnold wouldn’t have it any other way. “Friends, road warriors, band of brothers, call us whatever you want,” says the lead vocalist and lyricist, “What makes me so proud of this album is how it seems to put a stamp on all the years, all the ups and downs we’ve been through, and cuts some new ground for us. No matter where we’re at or how we come at you, at our core is still the burning desire to give our fans the best we can give.” And it’s a pact that the core founding-brothers of this Mississippi quintet – Brad Arnold, lead guitarist Matt Roberts, bassist Todd Harrell and guitarist Chris Henderson made way back in grade school.

Back when life was still a ‘pick-up’ game of fast but loyal friends nurturing just a glint of the dream that would eventually make them one of the world’s most respected and enduring rock bands. With the 3 Doors Down shingle hanging 16 years and counting, joined by firebrand drummer Greg Upchurch in 2005, 3 Doors Down remains as true to the inspiring roots forged in those breakout days back in Escatawpa, Mississippi as the day they launched.