maandag, oktober 31

Barefoot truth -- Carry us on.

The band truly broke through during 2010 with ever-growing audiences who couldn’t get enough of what they had to offer. Persistent touring in support of “Threads” and their acclaimed, high-energy live act were earning Barefoot Truth a loyal fan base that flocked to shows. Meanwhile, online radio service Pandora was spreading their music to worldwide audiences.

The band also provided songs and the film score for the award-winning documentary “Nature Propelled.” The single, “Threads”, also found its way into the MTV music empire, ultimately ending up in the MTV video game “Rock Band”.
It was during that time that they began work on their most accomplished recording yet, “Carry Us On.”

This new release finds Barefoot Truth confidently hitting their stride and at their full power as a group. Much has changed since that summer in 2003, as Barefoot Truth has grown to become a true musical force of nature.