vrijdag, november 25

Bleus van de bovenste plank, heerlijk relaxed.

James Milton Campbell, Jr. better known as Little Milton, was an American electric blues, rhythm and blues, and soul singer and guitarist, best known for his hit records "Grits Ain't Groceries" and "We're Gonna Make It."
For his 2005 Telarc label debut, the 71-year-old uitarist / singer / songwriter found a kindred spirit in producer/guitarist Jon Tiven. Together, they composed all the songs for a remarkably consistent comeback.

Discarding the strings, horns, and lavish production that blues purists often felt drowned Milton's substantial talents, Tiven keeps the sound lean and tough. Milton responds with his toughest performance in years, wading in the Southern swamps for "Next to You," pleading with that patented aged-whiskey voice on the sumptuous "Reconsider Me," and tearing into the superb soul-blues style he's best known for on the crackling mid-tempo opener "Gonna Find Me Somebody to Love."

Those new to Little Milton's legendary talents--and even older fans who might have lost track throughout the years--will find the icon in splendid form on this magnificent release.
In 1988, Little Milton was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame and won a W.C. Handy Award. His most final album, Think of Me, was released in May 2005 on the Telarc imprint, and included writing and guitar on three songs by Peter Shoulder of the UK-based blues-rock trio Winterville.

Milton died on August 4, 2005 from complications following a stroke.