woensdag, december 28

Guitarist Michael Schenker continues to count among the most important and most admired guitarists of the international rock scene.

Whether as a member of the SCORPIONS, British rock act UFO, short-lived CONTRABAND or as a solo artist with his own act, MSG, Schenker has been involved in countless classic bands in the history of rock music. Now signed to Armageddon Music Germany's favourite guitar hero returns with his latest opus TALES OF ROCK N'ROLL.

Tales Of Rock‘n‘Roll - 25 Years Celebration highlights Michael Schenker not only as a brilliant composer and instrumentalist, but also surrounded by a number of renowned colleagues.

Every vocalist who has sung with MSG, namely Graham Bonnet, Gary Barden, Robin McAuley, Kelly Keeling, Leif Sundin, Chris Logan and the group’s latest addition, Jari Tiura, recorded one new song each.