maandag, december 19

Timmo Gross (Slide), aanrader !

At his energy driven concerts, which he celebrates with an "empathetic and earthy voice" (Bluesmagazine, France), he presents his typical musical interpretation of Blues and Blue moods, between Delta and New Orleans, from Shuffle to Funk.

Conscious of tradition – but yet modern, his voice and guitar form an energetic and emotional unity and appear magically linked.
“Fallen From Grace” is 2011 studio album by Timo Gross which offers a lot of astute sounds for blues fans as well as for those who go for rock and pop. Like no one else, he is combining elements from different genres such as rock, funk and soul with emotional vocals and sweeping string play. And that’s exactly what makes “Fallen From Grace” a chameleonic blues album which reflects perfectly Timo Gross’ love for timbral details and musical humour that will surprise his curious listeners!