maandag, januari 9

In choosing Revival as the title for the follow up to her 2008 debut, Chasing The Sun, Tara Oram isn’t just summing up the subject matter of the songs she’s chosen to record this time out, she’s capturing the spirit that has characterized her approach to her craft since the very first time she picked up a microphone.

In other words, Oram says; “We’re keeping it country. I wanted to stay true to what I love musically and record songs that hopefully will inspire people. That’s what these each of these songs did for me; either by just making me feel good, or by helping me through something.”

Although Oram insists that she’s lucky to be able to do what she does, few people chase their dreams with the kind of persistence the Newfoundland born singer has routinely displayed over the course of her life. True, luck may have played some small part in her rise to fame, but Oram knows chance is a poor substitute for single-minded dedication and drive.