zaterdag, februari 4

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Lauren Ellis has a rich background as a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, especially known for her soulful expressions on slide guitar. Moving to Los Angeles, she found road work as guitarist with Rita Coolidge and Nell Carter, backed up legendary R&B duo Don and Dewey, and toured extensively stateside and overseas. In Los Angeles she wrote and recorded her first independent release: the critically acclaimed Push the River.

Listen for the songs on Feels like Family during MTV's reality shows The Real World, Road Rules, and Extreme Challenge. Lauren's searing slide guitar can also be heard on the theme for CMT's pop-meets-country series Crossroads, where she also shares composing credits. Lauren splits her time between Nashville and the Northeastern Florida coast, and she and the band are preparing to record her third independent release. When she isn't writing, recording, or performing, Lauren's other passion is the restoration and repair of guitars and other stringed instruments.

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