dinsdag, februari 7

Chances are you have heard, met, or worked with Taylor Barton: a smart, multi-talented, singer-songwriter, actress, writer, playwright, poet, dancer, and film producer. She has spent over three decades traversing the arts and culminated into a 21st century Renaissance woman. Born in Baltimore, Maryland she started her musical training with piano lessons at age six. She enrolled in the Peabody Institute at age thirteen where she studied dance until her high school graduation. Music and lyrics were always her passion and while frequenting the local bars in Fells Point, she was inspired by her hometown heroes, Tom Waits, Lowell George, and John Waters.

Former 'Generic Blondes' lead singer Taylor Barton steps out on her own with 'Thoroughbred'. Her new setting leaves plenty of room for Barton's unaffected vocal, style, her sharp compassionate lyrics, and her ability to slip into rockers, mid-tempos, and ballads.

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