zaterdag, maart 17

downen hierCD hiernaast luisteren

Spider Eating Preacher could be subtitled "The Great West Side Preservation Society" as Eddie C. Campbell, with guidance from longtime friend and producer Dick Shurman, has recaptured the magic of that beautiful style.

That shouldn't come as a surprise as Campbell as a dear friend and bandmate of Magic Sam, one of the true pioneers of the sound, nor should anyone be surprised Campbell has recaptured that essence without making a record that sounds dated, ready to be catalogued in a museum somewhere before it's ever really heard.

Preacher isn't some collection of covers of tired material from the beloved blues canon or thinly disguised rewrites of those classics. He presides over a project that became a largely family affair along with Shurman, who he's known for more than 35 years. His wife plays on much of the record and assisted in the writing process, his son plays on a pair of cuts, and his godson, National Treasure Lurrie Bell, is appears on three. Campbell sounds vital and energized, like he's playing with house money, free to be himself with tricks and licks aplenty, as well as a healthy dose of his own playful sense of humor.

Mirror, klik.