dinsdag, oktober 17

Long Binh was situated opposite to Bien Hoa approximately 15 miles northeast of Saigon and hosted the US Army Headquarters in Vietnam.I was there from December 22, 1970 to January 3, 1972 and served with the 95th Military Police Battalion. On December 15, 1969 at 8:13 P.M. EST my birthdate was randomly drawn as Number 36 for the draft in the first National Lottery.I was a senior in college, sane, and extremely healthy. In a word, I was dead red meat.I worked one day as an MP--Christmas Day, 1970 guarding the Bob Hope show. Otherwise, I worked at Battalion Headquarters in the personnel department.The last six months, though, I worked as the Battalion drug counselor which was an eye-opening experience.It was generally quiet on post, but we occasionally got rocketed.As for those fool hearty souls who attacked the perimeter, the Cobras would red-pencil them out of existence with their mini-guns.Generally, it was REALLY BORING there. And VERY HOT. One August day it touched 120 F with 100% humidity.Thank God for Sunday passes to Saigon!