zaterdag, november 18

In memory of all those who perished...In tribute to all those who wereinjured physically, emotionally andpsycologically... This program wasmade by Patriots - for Patriots! Has enough time passed to allow usall to take a closer look at the events ofSeptember 11, 2001? Can we now look the "evil doers" squarely in the eyeand demand the return of our constitutional freedoms? Internet webcasting pioneer Richard A Siegel, of OnlineTV fame,captured both of the World Trade Towers collapsing and a lot more.See the raw footage and listen to Rick's eyewitness testimony of thedaring helicopter rescue on the roof of the south tower, WTC2, onlymoments before it collapsed into "a pile of dust." For the first time, seeand hear the massive explosions at the base of the towers causingclouds of dust to rise up from street level before each tower fell. Goed gemaakt en duidelijk Flashfile.