zondag, januari 21

João Werner is a graduate in Plastic Arts from Sao Paulo Faculdade Santa Marcelina, class of 1989. Holds a Master Degree in Communication and Semiotics from PUC - Pontificia Universidade Catolica, Sao Paulo, class of 1994. Worked at UEL - Londrina State University and UNOPAR - University of the North of the Parana, as a professor for the courses of Arts Education, Architecture and Industrial Design. In the city of Sao Jose dos Campos (SP), was also a teacher for the courses of Architecture and Publicity and Advertisement at UNIVAP - University of the Valley of the Paraiba, from 1991 to 2001. Also held the position of Academic Coordinator for the Course of Publicity and Advertisement for one year. No plastic work was made during this academic phase.