vrijdag, april 13

Under the Bush Occupation, we're slipping into dark despotism. We support our republic and oppose the limitless federal power Bush and his regime arrogate to themselves. We believe in the rule of law and the US Constitution. America cannot afford any more failure and misleadership. We demand a return to political sanity and the honorable American traditions of accountability, dignity and honesty.

The Bush Occupation's gross misconduct and bald-faced lies keep damaging our national credibility and offending our conscience. They insult our allies and squander international good will needed to keep us safe against terrorist attacks. Bush's thugs undermine our security by abusing the trust the American people and the rest of the world placed in them after 9/11.
In countless ways, Bush and his administration made us less safe, less healthy, and less prosperous. Bush's economic, education, environmental, health and other policies have been as disastrous as his failed foreign policies.

The Cheney/Bush junta must end, but we must act to make sure it does. Activism means speaking out, being seen, and making a difference. You must speak out for us to take back our country.