zaterdag, januari 12

Plaatjes kijken.

The FAQ page of the House of Pizdauswe have a some question-answer page here. You can post your question or just thoughts about pizdaus down this page too.

Q: What is pizdaus? A: Pizdaus is a place where anyone can post his pictures, photos and others rate it. If it's cool it gets to the main page and more people can enjoy it. If it's not it gets burried but you still can post it to your blog or website using the link codes under each image.

Q: I see here my photo but I didn't post it! How this could happen? Would you remove it? A: Just send a removal notice to remove (AT) and it would be removed. Sometimes people post things and don't know the exact copyrights, we ask not to do this and remove as soon as someone complain.

Q: Would we get registered usernames soon? A: Yep, very soon. We'll have a different voting power value for the registred users. All registred users would have preferred +2 voting power in the beginning. We will have an ability to vote for photos themselves, for comments, for usernames directly etc - all this would affect the voting power of each user. The community would decide what is cool, as always we did this at pizdaus.