zaterdag, mei 8

Damon soule was spontaneously infused in our solar system via the magnolia state, 1974 and began expanding annually in a location sometimes referred to as the crescent city. Around the age of four, he began work on his lifelong pursuit concerning the application of homogenous forms to linear topography. Exposure to such a wide range of serendipity during his formative years provided him with a unique vision: “self determined entropy can produce highly contagious effects,” he recalls, “until the horizon line begins to recede and the ends become independent of narrative."

Several years later, as a schismatic indoctrination subject living at the foot of Pikes Peak, damon began crafting this vision by creating experimental simulations distilled from the intangible mass of not really knowing anything . At this time he also started to include the study of monotonousness systems in his repertoire by cataloguing subjective experience under controlled experiments. As a production inhibited stagnant and increasingly weary of structureless hegemony, damon began his work in earnest, which he found even more compelling than the actual disingenuous sufficiency of common interaction. In damon's bold use of saturation and composition, he effectively transforms everyday subject matter and it's refuse into unintended correlative material.

damon’s visualizations have been exhibited throughout the universe. His work is included in the permanent collections of nearly all of his friends, as well as many private collectors. A tangible timeline of his thought experiments can be viewed here under the title artwork archived. for information on damon's upcoming shows, projects, and random thoughts, please visit his blog.